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Sitter Testimonials

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I have house sat now for three families and their pets.. Cats, Dogs, Donkeys, and gardens! This has been a great program that allows me the enjoyment of visiting new places, and giving community service to new friends. My family has often joined clubs that do community serice such as: Lions Club, Toast Masters, Soroptimist. This is another way to do something for someone else. It gives me great satisfaction to know that the home owner appreciates this service that I can provide. It is a win/win situation, but great fun too! I look forward to more interesting places to visit, and also to meet new friends! Bob Bob
My husband and I registered with Housesitters America last year. We just finished a 5 month housesit on a beautiful lake outside Seattle. Besides the opportunitiy to live on a beautiful lake and wake up to see the Olympics every morning, we met and enjoyed many wonderful neighbors. We are on our second housesit in an upscale neighborhood of Sacramento and we are enjoying it thoroughly. These were two positions that we chose out of approximately 20 that were offered to us. Thank you Housesitters America for being the vehicle to a whole new life for this retired couple. Vicki
I recently completed a one month sit for Trish in her beautiful home on a Lake. It turned out that February was unusually cold for Texas (and many other parts of the US as well). I learned quite a bit about caring for her pool and keeping it from freezing, etc. Her pets: (2 large friendly Yellow Labs and 2 indoor cats) kept me entertained and busy. I really did enjoy my time there. I am looking forward to many more opportunities this year and beyond. Thanks for the wonderful connections this site allows. Love to Travel
well i just joined this website a few days ago and ive been doing this in australia for 3 years but now i want to get out of my comfrot zone and explore diffrent people and there usa dogs and cats im so excited...even though i live in australia i hopefully will get at least once a year over america and that would be awesome well thats it..:) good website by the way rebecca w
Just a quick note to say how i have enjoyed all of my past present and know the future upcoming ones as well. My first sit was in Charleston SC, then 2 months in Wheaton, IL, this place has contacted me again for another sit in June and again for 2 months next Feb,. I am now in Duncan, SC and must say my house sitting experiences have been all I could possibly ask for. i get to travel and meet the most wonderful folks. All of the animals have been great as well. I look forward to all future house sitting assignments. Thank you for the opportunity. Laura c
I did two weeks in Chicago for a Doctor and her family that were going on vacation last July. House and animals. It went well and I really enjoyed day tripping around the area. I had a few other opportunities but the days didn't work with my school schedule. I'm trying to find one for this summer. Thanks for the help. Kirsten
An opportunity quickly became a long friendship with the homeowner and myself in San Miguel de Allende,Mexico. I answered a request, and stayed 6 weeks while the homeowner went to Africa. I fell in love with mexico, loved her three pets, and met many expats who live full time in Mexico. I went back to do a second stay at the same home ownder's casa. I can't say enough about the joy of connecting. House sitting opened a new adventure for me. I am grateful. maureen b
This is not just a job. It's not even a career. For me, pet and house sitting has become a way of life. I have the opportunity to do two of the things I love most. I get to help people, and I get to spend time with animals. This is a great website, and House Sitters America is the perfect tool to facilitate this wonderful, trust-based industry. Sherrie
This is just to inform you that we have been getting many homeowners contacting us regarding house sitting but unfortunately most of them fall outside our housesitting calendar. It's great to know your system is working and we are very happy with your site. Hopefully there will be many house sitting jobs that suit our needs in the near future. Thanks again and keep up the good work! Fran
Love the website. thanks for providing a great service. I'll let you know the outcome of my search Joan
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Testimonials Found: 50
*FREE: House sitting is usually free, for both sitter and house owner, although this is completely up to the individuals. There are usually some costs that need to be covered by either the sitter or the house owner e.g. electricity, phone usage, vet fees etc. How these costs are handled needs to be agreed before the sit begins. House sitters pay a single annual membership fee, while house owners pay nothing to advertise their house or to contact sitters.