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Over 85 million US households own a pet—and when those families go on holiday, they need someone to look after their pets. Securing a house sitter or a pet sitter is often the very best option for the well-being of the pets—and for the householders' peace of mind.

And the best place to find a house sitter or a pet sitter is right here—House Sitters America.

It follows, of course that this is also the best place to find house sitting jobs or pet sitting jobs.

House Sitters America has been helping Americans protect their homes and care for their pets for more than a decade—since 2008. We offer a service that is secure and easy to use, backed up by award winning support.

House sitting and Pet Sitting in America - the perfect alternative to dog boarding.

100% free for homeowners

It's free for home owners to join, to search for trusted 5 star sitters, to communicate with them securely and then to book them in to look after their house and pets.


It's hard on the pets when their owners leave the house. It's much worse when they are moved to a new location, surrounded by strange animals, smells and sounds.

The best thing you can do for your pets is GET A PET SITTER. The sitter provides:

  • Loving, in-home care—maintaining familiar routines in familiar territory.
  • Full focus, and can provide services like daily walks, regular medication and simple observation.
  • The very best form of house security. You'll even have someone around in case of storm damage or to collect deliveries.
  • The sitter is always just a phone call away—for the ULTIMATE peace of mind.
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100% awesome for sitters

There is a lot to love about house sitting and pet sitting. You can save thousands by living rent-free, or you can MAKE thousands by operating as a professional sitter.

House Sitters America has been serving its membership for over a decade—helping to facilitate hundreds of thousands of successful sits over that time.

It's FREE to browse all the house sitting job ads, as well as the othr sitter profiles. It's easy to register and you can start contacting house owners to secure your first sitting job.

You can choose to sit "locally" or you might want to travel around the country—it's all good.

Join up now—it's as simple as pressing the little red button.


House sitters guide to the USA

This is the USA folks - a country as big as it is varied as it is magnificent.

Impossibly beautiful, incredibly diverse and brim-full of wonderful, friendly people. Yes, this is an extraordinary place—and there's no better way to experience it than house sitting.

From the vibrant West Coast, across the Rocky Mountains and the plains to the Great Lakes and New England, down the Atlantic Coast and back through the eastern states to the South and Southwest - it's all incredible.

House sitting and Pet Sitting in the USA - the perfect alternative to dog boarding.

House and Pet Sitting is a wonderful way to discover more about your own neighbourhood—or experience much more of the USA.

You get to live with the locals (and their animals) and get a sense of what gives each neighbourhood its unique character. If you haven't tried it yet, you've just found the best place to start.

House Sitters America makes the whole adventure easy and fast, and we back it up with friendly award-winning support. So have a look around the site and dive in - it's much easier than you think

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It's 100% free for house owners and 100% awesome for house sitters.

Our service is secure and easy to use—and backed by an award-winning customer service team.

Please enjoy having a look around the site and then sign up. It's easier than you think—you'll be surprised how easy it is to save so much money.