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We've helped facilitate tens of thousands of house sits.

OUR HOUSE OWNERS have been able to leave home, knowing that their pets were happy and their home was secure.

OUR HOUSE SITTERS have saved a fortune in rent, and lived in wonderful houses around the USA.


The Benefits


In return for pet and/or garden care, house sitters get to stay in great houses right around the country for free*

It's a fantastic way to save money, see a new part of the world, or just broaden your horizons.

And it’s really easy. You can even browse through the available houses before joining up. Or just start your next adventure right now - click on the button below and dive in!


The most expensive travel expense is usually accommodation but housesitting trims this down to ZERO*.

Life is short, and the USA is a big, beautiful country with a full kaleidoscope of places and experiences on offer. House sitting is a wonderful way to enjoy some of what this country has to offer.

So what are you waiting for? That little blue button isn't going to click itself...


Save for your house, take a break for study or finally write that screenplay.

Sometimes it’s just about money. It would be nice not to have to pay rent and create an opportunity to get ahead.

So... feed the pets, water the garden, make a coffee and get cracking. House sitting is a practical and fun way to save money. And it's surprisingly easy, you could be organizing your first "sit" in minutes.


Care for someone else’s pets, go for walks in a brand new place, surprise yourself and expand your horizons.

Regardless of the reason you start house sitting, there are many wonderful benefits that only reveal themselves once you get into it.

It’s a whole new story, waiting to begin - and it could start with the click of that little blue button just below.


Pet & House Sitting in the US

House Sitting is a wonderful WIN-WIN transaction - perfect for House Owners, House Sitters and lots of lucky pets.

House owners enjoy amazing peace of mind, knowing their pets are being cared for, in their own home, by a live-in carer. And of course, owners join for free.

House and pet sitters can save thousands of dollars in rent, and sitter membership costs much less than many other sites.

If you are thinking of jumping in, House Sitters America is the very best place to get started. We look forward to being of service to you



I was a bit weary at first but set up a sitter ad but I am so glad I did! A wonderful opportunity to explore a new place and a great way to meet new people! Thank you! Kirsten S

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We have just found a young family from your website to do house and pet sitting for us over the next Christmas holidays. They are happy and so are we. We are very pleased at how easy and user-friendly your system is compared to others. The Moodies

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*FREE: House sitting is usually free, for both sitter and house owner, although this is completely up to the individuals. There are usually some costs that need to be covered by either the sitter or the house owner e.g. electricity, phone usage, vet fees etc. How these costs are handled needs to be agreed before the sit begins. House sitters pay a single annual membership fee, while house owners pay nothing to advertise their house or to contact sitters.