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I chose not to place a homeowner ad with you as I had limited time. I searched and called house sitters directly that day. I found a great couple and they did a wonderful job. I will use your service again, as I will be going back and forth to China. Sincerely, Bruce
Thank you HouseSittersAmerica. We have found a really nice couple from your website to care for our home and cat. We will get back to you once the house sitting job has been completed :) Joline
My sitter position was filled May for my trip this August thru Oct. I love your site and plan to use it very often as it produces the answer to many people who travel alot and have a home that needs to be lived in and pets that need care. I have nothing negitive to voice. My sitter is great and I look forward to leaving it in their care. Carol & Willy
A house sitter answered our ad on House Sitters America and was very proactive with providing information and conveying her desire to care for our pets and home. She was very easy to coordinate with and went out of her way to come to our house to get to know our dogs and our routines. She was very flexible and agreed to sit for our dogs on fairly short notice. My husband and I felt very comfortable leaving the dogs in her care, despite traveling for over 3 weeks. We have two very large dogs, one a younger very rambunctious puppy. She was very accommodating to make sure he was happy and occupied. She provided lots of toys and treats and walks to keep him entertained. Also, our older dog had recently had surgery and she graciously gave her additional medicines and even took her to a follow-up vet visit that fell during our travel time. In addition to caring for the dogs, she watered our plants and lawn, kept the house looking nice, stayed in our home at night to keep the dogs company, and made trips to the pet store to pick up additional supplies needed by the dogs. She also was great about keeping us updated about things while we traveled. She nicely emailed us every few days to let us know how the dogs were doing and how things were going at the house. We really appreciated her frequent emails and updates, and that helped put our minds at ease so we could truly enjoy our vacation. I know that she would be a very reliable and trustworthy person to pet/house sit for other families and would recommend her services to folks looking for a reliable, competent pet/house sitter. Everything went incredibly smoothly under her care and we were truly grateful to find her on the House Sitters America site Nicole
We just had our first house sitting experience. We arrived home with everything just like we left it only better. The house sitters are wonderful people. They were here when they said they would be, did exactly what we had hoped for, and were sweet, sweet people to boot. All our pets took to them right away and i believe that is a huge testimony to character. My blind basset hound was happy and spoiled. The horses were properly fed and watered. We couldn't hardly tell they were here. They are welcome back anytime even if they aren't house sitting. Julia
Just had our first experience with a house-sitter from your agency. We returned home after 9 weeks and found our home in perfect condition and our 2 cats fat and happy!!! We received weekly updates whenever we called home and I can't praise her enough for all that she did while we were gone. So happy we found your site and that we found Susan. Thanks for everything!!!! Linda M
What a great experience it is to get a house sitter through this web site. We've used 2 sitters so far with a third one arriving soon and we couldn't be more happy with the care and consideration given to our home and pets. What a joy to have such warm and caring people looking after the house and our sweet Goldendoodle. Sandy
We had our first experience with a housesitter this past May for a month and were more than satisfied with the sitters we used from your website who we feel are now friends! Our cat loved them, too, and that's a great testimonial even though she'll sit on any lap available. Pat & Russ
We advertised on your website and engaged a housesitter who applied for our position: looking after our two cats for 3 months while we were out of the country. This sitter was amazing: sympathetic with our pets, responsible, reliable and delightful. We have now had her come twice. She is currently engaged in her third sit for us. Our cats are always happy to see her and we come home and find everything in perfect order. We could not be happier! Pat S
We used this site to find a house sitter during our 6 week trip. We have two dogs and 3 cats plus the house that needed to be cared for. Bob agreed to come and take care of everything. He not only cared for the animals, but took us to the airport, and retrieved us at the end of the trip. Things could not have been better when we got back. Except that the dogs seemed to have missed him more that they were happy to see us back. We were very happy and will use the site during our next trip, although hopefully Bob will be available again. Ken
This past May we returned home after having spent 6 months out of the country. It was our first experience using HSA and it was in every way, perfect! We received many replies from various potential house sitters and the person we chose was perfect for us. He took care of our cat, our property and our renter without a hitch. Everything was in order when we returned and while we were away, he kept in contact and informed us of what was going on at home. Will definitely use HSA again this year and every year to come. Sam K
I wanted to let you know that I've found a housesitter and am very happy with how this has turned out. She answered my ad within a day or two of it being placed and after a lot of correspondence, we just finalized our housesitting agreement over the weekend. I am very grateful for this service and have told a number of people about it already. I expect that I'll be visiting your site again next year. Again, thank you for all your patience and help. Ted
I have recently returned from a 10 day trip away, and just had to write and tell you that I was VERY pleased with my experience with House Sitters America. The sitters, from S.C. came down to take care of my home and beloved German Shepherd dog.....it was their first sit, and my first time using your service. They took excellent care of both my house and dog, left everything just as they found it (maybe even BETTER!!), and were very good at checking in with me, and keeping me abreast of how things were going while I was gone. Thus, I was able to relax and enjoy my trip with no worries. Your service is great, and I will use it again. Thank you. Nancy Nancy from Fla
Twice I have used House Sitters America to find a home/pet sitter. Both times I have found the sitters to be very professional, having the necessary ability, knowledge, and skill required to sit my 2 labs and 2 cats as well as care for my home. I now can take vacations knowing my home is in good hands. Sarah R
Our friends thought we were nuts for entrusting our house and pets to a total stranger. But I believed in the goodness of people, and I did not want my dogs and cats to be caged for 2 weeks. Using a house-sitter made a lot of sense....but could we find the right one? And did we ever! Auntie Jayne was selected from several inquiries that we received from interested house-sitters. She ironically knew the area because she had a sister who lived about 1 mile away from me in the same sub-division. This was her first house-sitting job and she was nervous herself. The nearness to her sister made us both feel a little better about the arrangement of matching stranger to house...but in the end, it didn't matter because now Auntie Jayne is like family. She took perfect care of my house (read: it was cleaner when I got back from my trip than before I left) and the dogs and cats loved her! And she them.....we stay in touch by email so she can check up on how her little buddies are doing. I will definitely do this again with no reservations. And my friends are even considering it for themselves the next time they travel. A story with a happy ending for all involved. Nancy E
Thanks to this website, my husband and I found our perfect housesitters to stay while we were away. This was our first experience using housesitters so we had a few reservations about having complete strangers stay in our home! We had several candidates within a day or two but the couple we had just stood out from the beginning. We hit it off right away and after several weeks on conversing we contracted them for the housesit. Upon their arrival a couple days before our departure any remaining reservations my husband and I had using this service completely dissapated. We couldn't have had a more knowledgeable and responsible couple to stay. We left for vacation completely at ease knowing that we left our home and our pets in good hands. We have still remained in contact with our housesitters after our return. This was an exceptional experience and would recommend this website to others and definitely will use housesitters in the future! Denise H
I recently engaged the services of a house / pet sitting couple from this website. What a great exchange! I was on vacation for 3 weeks, and they came and took great care of my two pets and my house. I was thrilled with every thing about this arrangement! Kelly T
We engaged housesitters for the first time while we traveled to Europe. I cannot praise them highly enough and we are still amazed that we found such great people who took fantastic care of our three dogs, home and garden while we were gone. They kindly kept in touch with us via e/mail during our absence and we returned to find everything absolutely perfect. Definitely something we'd do again. Brenda V
We live in Hawaii, and travel to the mainland sometimes to see our family. We always enjoyed the trip, but did not like putting our animals in kennels, finding someone to mow the lawn, or just someone to be here taking care of the house in general. We thought it would be nice to find someone to stay here while we were away. Began to search, and your site was the first one we came upon, and the rest of the story could not have turned out better. A house sitting couple were the first to respond to our advert. We e-mailed back and forth, and locked into them. The more we communicated, the more we felt comforted in our choice. When we met them at the airport, we felt like they were old friends. Our dog and cat took to them fight away also. We left for our trip with complete confidence. On returning, we found everything in tip-top shape. The house was spotless, the animals happy, and these sitters said that they had a great time here.It was so good to be away, and not have the concerns we would have had otherwise, and we would not hesitate to use house sitters america again. The house sitters we used were terrific, and set a very high standard that may be impossible to beat. We thank them so much. Roger and Barbara
Engaged a housesitting couple from your system over 6 months ago and I promised to give you feedback when the house sit was over. Well I'm back home after 3 months in New York on biz. and have to tell you I'm very impressed with the couple who cared for my place. It was spotless how I left it. They stayed several days after I arrived home (my request as I wanted to treat them to some good food and wine and get to know them better). They are lovely (I'm aware that I can't put their names within this testimonial - a bit frustrating as I would like to show them off to all the other homeowners who use House Sitters America, but hey...). We are now friends and they are planning on visiting me next year on their trip across the country. Thank you, thank you, thank you - untill next time... Jen K.
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Testimonials Found: 50
*FREE: House sitting is usually free, for both sitter and house owner, although this is completely up to the individuals. There are usually some costs that need to be covered by either the sitter or the house owner e.g. electricity, phone usage, vet fees etc. How these costs are handled needs to be agreed before the sit begins. House sitters pay a single annual membership fee, while house owners pay nothing to advertise their house or to contact sitters.