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I'm potentially available April 7 through May 7, 2023, then booked again through the end of September. I plan to retire from full time sitting after that, though I will remain happy to do occasional sits in unusually beautiful places.

Most sits are for free, where it's a fair trade, and most people end up tipping at the end, which helps defray the cost of travel between sits. Every now and then people offer to pay for extra services or extra complicated pet care, which is appropriate, as it takes time from work.

Either way, tips are customary and very much appreciated, but not obligatory.

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Technical Writer/Animal Lover - Works From Home

54, Technical Writer - Consultant

Hello :-)

This is Evan. As a truly caring and responsible animal lover, I've been sitting for nearly seven years and have 37 great references on this site, including the latest, posted in October of 2022. Plus, I'm currently on a repeat sit caring for Millie, a lovely 23-year old Calico cat for a family in Columbia, Maryland. If you scroll down my profile, you can read all of these comments from the families I've helped, as they begin after this introduction.

You are in the right place if you are seeking a well educated, responsible professional, who loves animals and offers attentive and informed care to them.

It's amazing to realize I've been on over 49 sits for 37 families now. Many more invite me back than I've been able to help, due to schedule conflicts, especially before the pandemic, as I was often booked 9 months out.

Describing myself is complicated because I'm an interesting person:

First, I am a non-smoking, educated, professional man. I am a warm soul, a lover of animals, a pesci-vegetarian in fact, and a good Shepard of what resources are in my care. You can trust me to take care of your beloved home, plants, and animals.

I grew up with dogs (several Cocker Spaniels, a tiny miniature Dachshund, and a huge Weimaraner, plus helped my father with his 4 German Shepherds) and gardens, on beautiful properties.

Starting in college, I adopted my own cat, Athena (a rescue), We shared 11 wonderful years. Sadly, she passed on, but the love remains.

I will make sure your loved ones are well cared for and would be happy to send you photo updates from my cell phone regularly.

My personality is introverted at home. I'm a technical writer and researcher, an inventor (with one patent so far), an entrepreneur, and I enjoy chipping in for the local parks and environmental efforts. I'm also a neat-nick and will keep my environment clean and orderly. As a sitter, I don't tend to have guests, preferring to see people out and about, and only do have guests with explicit homeowner consent. I'm a science and computer geek. My BS degree was in Environmental Health.

Right now I have made it through a career change after working from Alaska as a technical writer and problem solver for a Forex market trading software company client, for most of the time since 2003. Before that, I had multiple clients. Unfortunately, the software company went out of business at the end of 2019, right before the pandemic began.

Fortunately, I now have had three new technical writing clients who have been keeping me rather busy the past couple years. One is a beach is nourishment government agency, the other a Miami based law firm dealing with massive insurance claims litigation cases; I help document the work of their programming team, and the third is a software company that helps people migrate their severs into the "Cloud" (e.g., Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and VMware. I've also begun work on a new book of my own.

Also, several years ago I decided to leave Alaska to live somewhere that was frozen less than 6 months a year, and that's when my house sitting began.

My work often has me busy working 30 to 50 hours a week, on my computer and over the Internet, and I'm getting to explore the country as I decide where I might like to settle down more permanently. I also do occasional shorter term projects, like website development and other project management for clients on a per contract basis, when I have time.

House sitting is working for me for now, as I explore our country and see where I want to settle down after fifteen years living in Girdwood, Alaska, the ski town for Alaska. I'm also open to foreign placements. I expect 2023 may be my final year of back to back house sitting, as my tech writing income has grown, though I can see occasional house sitting while on vacation or traveling to other countries as attractive.

Homeowners tend to like and appreciate me, and they find me very attentive to their needs--as you can see in their own words further down.

An Albuquerque couple has had me for 5 repeat sits so far, from 3 weeks to 3 months each, as they are a couple enjoying their retirement and traveling often. I was invited back multiple times after spending 70 days the Winter before last, to care for a cat named Cinnamon and a beautiful home full of lovely plants and beautiful landscaping, in Albuquerque, NM. I was also there June 1 through August 28, the summer before last, three weeks last winter, and a similar period last summer, and for six weeks in the Autumn. And they've requested me again for the future.

Cinnamon is an in indoor/outdoor cat, so every day I made sure he is happy, fed, clean, eats his medicine, and enjoys lots of daily play time. In addition to checking the mail and giving the owners lists of all non-junk mail, I open and followed up on whatever they wanted to know more about, as I do for many of the families I help. I water the indoor plants and the yard, a daily task in New Mexico summer. And I care for three turtles in the side yard, giving them daily bits of cherry tomatoes, bananas, and whatever else they appreciate.

Two years ago they also adopted Harry, a brindle colored 9-year old rescue dog. Harry is big, at 72 pounds. He seems to be a pit-bull/retriever mix, but we are not sure. Either way, he added 3 happy walks a day to my schedule.

Starting their garaged car for a few minutes weekly is another one of my tasks, to keep the batteries charged and engine flowing. They added me to their auto insurance for one car while placing the insurance for the other one on "garaged" status--this way I can take care of errands and if necessary get their pets to the vet. The money they save by garaging one car was about equal to what adding me their policy cost, and my being able to get around is a real plus. I sold my own car when I flew out of Alaska year and have been flying from sit to sit, since.

My previous sits include the following: three months in a beautiful Victorian home in Evanston, Illinois, where I cared for two very furry Manx cats, Zuni and Auggie, as well as the house, and regular mail calls relayed through the internet. They also added me to the insurance for one car, and put the other car in garage status, allowing me to use their car for general shopping and errands.

Since then, I've found most auto insurance covers occasional users with no extra charge (this varies by state), if they are guests at the home. So most families have to pay nothing for extra insurance. Where I stay for more than three months in a row, it may be good to name me on the insurance.

The first summer I sat for a couple in West Palm Beach (Singer Island), I was caring for a lovely home, garden, and pool, keeping the house lived in and maintained to deter crime, and protected from any hurricanes that might happen. I also dealt with building inspectors, sent photos of mail, and scans when they asked me to open it, and other things upon request.

Since my Albuquerque sit with Cinnamon the cat, I did a quick 2-week sit in Tempe, Arizona (they gave me a wonderful endorsement here) for Mr. Bigglesworth the cat.

Then a 3 week sit in the Seattle (Renton), Washington area, for a small Terrier, named Toby last Autumn. They also had me back for another month the next February & March. Toby is now about 14 years old and loves teaching me his very particular ways. We enjoyed our time in-house, and our daily walks for 45 to 75 minutes or so, around his hilly neighborhood. Sometimes I drove him to parks in the region to share more exciting adventures.

After my first sit for Toby, I went on a sit scheduled for 2.5 weeks in Gig Harbor, WA but ending 9 days early as the homeowner injured his back and needed to return. Rosie was a wonderful (98 pound), large flat haired retriever, and Ole' the cat was huge and loving too. Because the homeowner returned ahead of schedule, I had a last minute challenge, solved by visiting a friend.

Next, I went on a 7 week sit in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, caring for a lovely little pair of dogs: Weber, a toy Chihuahua and Sparky, a Shiba-Inu/Chihuahua mix through early January 2017. It was a great sit and I'm likely to return next year.

After my first sit for Toby the Terrier in Renton, WA for a month, that couple then recommended me to their friends in Covington, WA, where I cared for Penelope, a very large indoor/outdoor cat through the end of March. They've also invited me back.

This happened again, with one sit leading to another. In April and May of last year, I cared for Sammy the cat, in Ashland, Oregon (a beautiful, pedestrian friendly town with a 10 month long Shakespearean Festival). While I was there, their next door neighbor got to know me, and after I left, she invited me to care for her own cat for a month in September.

I've been updating this profile on and off since I began. Now it's at the point where detailing every sit seems excessive. But if you have any questions, I'm glad to expand the list for you. Most recent sits include Fort Collins, CO, Columbia, Maryland, Lenexa, KS, Haymarket, VA, Moneta, VA, Baltimore, MD, Fairfax, VA, Gulfport, FL, Independence, MO, Atlanta, GA, Washington, DC, and Fort Myers, FL. But I've also had many sits on the west coast. The pandemic seemed to steer me to the SouthEast.

Instead of speaking for myself, though, I suggest you simply look at what the families have written about me, about my care for their homes, beloved pets, cars, yards, pools, and plants. I do my best to treat every household and family as I'd want my own home and favorite people to be treated, were the roles reversed.

Update: August 25, 2021: Just wrapped up a sit in Fairfax, Virginia for Winston, a playful and energetic 1.5 year old hound dog . Current sit is for five weeks caring for a beautiful home and gardens in Wichita, KS. That will be followed by a month long sit, caring for five cats and a house in Baltimore, MD.

New Update, October 3rd, 2021: I'm currently on a sit caring for four lovely cats in Baltimore, MD through the end of October.

And, I've been offered three new sits that dovetail perfectly, caring for Maddie the gentle Doberman in November in Virginia, Tabitha the Boxer-mix from just before Thanksgiving through early January, also in Virginia, and then caring for Jimmy the cat in Kansas City, Kansas for 6 months, through the end of June.

February 2022 update: The Kansas City sit was delayed due to the pandemic, but it's now re-confirmed, February 13th through July 16th, 2022. At five months, it will be my longest sit yet! Also, I promised my family to help them for a 10 day sit following this one.

January 16, 2023 Update: With the exception of being possibly available April 7 to May 7, 2023 (I may be on vacation), I'm currently booked though the end of September, 2023.

Unless someone has an unusually beautiful home and location, I'm going to take a break from house and pet sitting after September and settle down somewhere again...that is unless I'm offered a really wonderful long-term sit starting near October 1, 2023.

My references are excellent. There are currently 37 great endorsements on my profile. Scroll towards the bottom of my sitter profile to find the endorsements section.

"He gave us great peace of mind, while we were traveling through Europe," is a quote from Florida clients. Most of these homeowners will be willing to talk with you by phone. You should be able to see their endorsements on my profile here.

I really appreciate having a clean, safe place to stay while I concentrate on work, writing and exploring various communities. A beautiful place, with the Internet, enables me to concentrate and do all the various office things required to develop my business. Being in a clean space leads to more ordered work.

I often need to work 6 to 10 hours a day at my computer and use the internet and my cell phone interacting with people around the country. Most of that I would do from the location of my sit, though I also like to do some work at cafes so I see live humans.

Walking, biking, kayaking, canoeing, and other active outdoor things appeal to me. Dogs that need walking are ideal clients, because I love walking with company, and it helps me clear my head and center my work several times a day. I'm even more of a cat lover. As to the rest, I also appreciate birds, and most other kinds of animals, and have cared for a variety from Parrots to Gold Fish, from Rabbits to Turtles, even hermit crabs. I'm also quite happy to simply tend a garden and home without pets, as I'm doing now, and did on Singer Island, Florida. It can be a wonderful break to simple care for a home without pets, as much as I love them all.

My last rental was for eleven years, from a landlady who was out of state 9 of 12 months per year, typically. I managed her several properties for her during much of those 11 years, taking care of writing leases, renting to tenants, and managing contractors as necessary for repairs. She is quite elderly now, but still alert and more than happy to provide a wonderful reference.

My family was in the home building field for three generations, and I can draw on their skills for planning and managing any needed repairs and renovations.

Write to me for a link to see my resume on LinkedIn.

It's been fun exploring our beautiful country after fifteen years of living in Alaska!

Hopefully you will see having me as caretaker for your home and loved ones as a win/win/win/win situation, where not only do you get an excellent house sitter, but you also help me enjoy seeing our country, as I seek my forever home. And if you have plants and pets, they win too, as they are loved and well cared for.

Feel free to ask any questions.

Longer sits are preferred, when possible.



-- Naturally (While Not Obligatory) Tips Are Appreciated -- Still, if you can't afford to tip, please, have no worries, as I'll understand. You can still write me an awesome endorsement!

-- Not to judge anyone for their own choices, however, I won't sit for tobacco smoking households, even if they only smoke outdoors on their porch.--

As a non-smoker, it happens I have an allergic reaction to tobacco smoke smell in particular. Please respect this is a critical requirement for me to help you. Thank you for understanding.

Reviews (37)
This was the first time we ever had a house sitter, and it was for 5 months while my family and I went to India. Evan was the perfect match for us and our elderly cat, who had a special diet and medications. With all the unknowns involved with such long distance from home, our least worry was our house and cat in Evan's care. Evan is an extremely detail oriented, kind person who is gifted at regular communication. He sent us photos on a weekly basis, and would have done more frequently had we ... MORE
LAURAG ( Kansas, Jan 2022 - 5 months)
Evan Cutler recently was our house sitter for a little over two weeks. Our opinion of his stay at our home is that he gave outstanding care. We highly recommend him. All our needs were conscientiously and completely met. Involved were two cats, one with daily medication, some plants and an outside bird feeder. A special, dietary food for one cat unexpectedly ran out and Evan initiated replacement with our veterinarian. He really watched what was going on and is quite resourceful. ... MORE
LILI ( Colorado, Sep 2022 - 2 1/2 weeks)
Evan, without a doubt, is one of the best sitters we have ever had. He is conscious, considerate and an excellent communicator. I never have a moment's worry when Evan is house sitting. He goes above expectations. We have asked him to continue to sit for us, the next time will be for four months. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a responsible person who is always looking for ways to improve.
LINDA ( Maryland, Jul 2022)
Evan looked after our animals, which included a dog and 10 chickens, for 7 weeks. Our senior dog became unwell while he was here; he noticed the change in her behavior right away and acted quickly to take her to the vet. She made a full recovery. Evan is a careful and communicative caregiver and I am happy to recommend him.
JUDY ( Virginia, Nov 2021 - 7 weeks)
Evan sat for us while we spent a month in Africa. From the start, he was clear and prompt with communication. While gone, he kept us up to date on anything we needed to know and sent pictures of our cats frequently. One of them became ill with a cough. Evan was proactive in seeking care for him. We left Evan with one of our cars to use. It and the house were in excellent condition when we returned home. Overall, he did a great job and we would definitely use Evan again in the future.
MARY ( Maryland, Sep 2021 - One month)
Even was very responsive on the initial connection. With us being new to the house sitting community and he being a veteran, he was well prepared and provided us with documentation that made us feel at ease. We felt very comfortable leaving our house in his hands for a 6 week trip. Unfortunately the trip was cut short for medical reasons. With some coordination we were able to resolve the shortened house sitting stint with quick negotiation. Upon our hastened return, we found the house was ... MORE
BOB ( Kansas, Aug 2021 - 12 of 38 intended days)
Evan is a truly outstanding pet sitter and house sitter. He is very professional, friendly, and responsible. From the beginning our communications with him were clear and frequent. He took excellent care of our sweet and energetic dog Winston, giving him frequent walks and play times and keeping us posted on how he was doing with pictures and texts. He took care of several plants for us both indoors and out and they all look great. Evan used our car during his stay, it was simple to add him to ... MORE
EMILY ( Virginia, Aug 2021 - 2 weeks 2 days)
Evan was excellent at communicating and sending pics of my old kitty. He kept the house in great shape and was willing to do tasks like take the trash out and collect the mail. He let my old kitty sleep with him and in turn ended up with a new lifelong buddy! He was so attentive and let me know litter box habits (Which he knew were important to me due to my Jaggy and his age of almost 20). Evan did not hesitate to reach out for clarification and daily check ins. He also gave my kitty meds. He ... MORE
JEFFREY AND APRIL (INDEPENDENCE Missouri, Mar 2021 - 9 days)
Evan is very detail oriented, responsible and communicative. A true animal lover. My cats were very happy as evidenced by the many photos and updates I received while away. I returned to some well cared for kitties! Thank you Evan, it was an honor having you sit my house and animals!
RACHEL ( Florida, Jan 2021 - 3 weeks)
Evan was a fantastic house sitter. The most communicative guy I've met. From before the house sit until well after, he was detail oriented, friendly, and responsive. Evan sent tons of photos, and called several times throughout the stay with updates. He clearly loves animals and loved my pets as if they were his own. Evan is one of the most conscientious people I met and I would not hesitate to ask him to house sit for me again.
ANGEL ( District of Columbia, Dec 2020 - 2 weeks)
Evan is one of the best. He will treat you, your pets & your home right! Many thanks to him for happy cats when we returned from a long vacation. We are happy owners who got to enjoy our vacation. I am picky about who stays in my home & who cares for our cats. I actually stated a preference for a female in my ad...yet Evan replied stating he loved cats. He easily won us over because with each conversation about doing our sit, he asked about the cats (and said "meow" to them). Evan made our ... MORE
ANN ( Georgia, Nov 2020 - 4.5 weeks)
No rating Evan cared for our two adult cats & our home for three weeks this winter. Our kitties took to him immediately. As he works from home, the cats got lots of attention. We came home to happy kitties & a clean home. Thanks Evan.
CAROL ( Maryland, Dec 2019)
No rating Evan came and housesat for two weeks. Within five minutes our cautious cat Stella came out and let him pet her. We never had any doubts that she would be okay. We let Evan drive our cars while we were gone and he took immaculate care of them. The house was clean when we got back. He is very detail oriented; from the vet # to any homeowner information. Never worried for a moment when we were gone.
DON AND JOAN ( Washington, Sep 2019)
No rating Evan was an excellent house-sitter for our 13-year old Schnoodle. .He asked detailed questions prior to accepting the sit to ensure that he was familiar with pet emergencies, routine house activities,expectations for feeding and walking Topper. He obviously has had a lot of experience sitting and knows what he is getting into. He communicated frequently prior to arrival to confirm the dates and times. During the sit he sent photos of Topper and let us know all was okay. The house was spotless ... MORE
CHRIS ( Washington, Sep 2019)
No rating Evan did a great job with our home, pets (many!) and our vehicle. He was conscientious and sent us updates and asked appropriate questions while we were away. We would definitely use Evan as our house/pet-sitter again.
NICOLE ( Oregon, Aug 2019)
No rating Evan took care of our house, dogs, and cat while we were away on a month-long vacation. He was a wonderful house sitter keeping us posted on the house with pet updates that included photos. We granted him permission to use our car since in Palm Springs everything is long distances from the house. Evan didn't abuse the privilege. Not only did he return vehicle in good working order by only driving 170 miles he even washed it! He also looked after our outside plants and pool. When we got back, ... MORE
STEPHEN ( California, Apr 2019 - 4 weeks)
No rating Evan house sat for us for a week while we were away on a trip. We have a townhome and a cat who loves attention and Evan did a very good job of taking care of both. Evan is fastidious, detail oriented, responsible, and conscientious. He was very good with our cat and Luna seemed to really take to him quickly. He communicated with us and kept us updated with photos so we knew our cat was getting the attention she loves. The plants were well-watered and the house neat and clean when we ... MORE
BETSY ( California, Mar 2019 - 1 week 1 day)
No rating Evan took great care of our home and our dog while we were on vacation. He sent lots of updates while we were away and photos of our beloved pup so we knew she was getting lots of walks and attention. He also used our car for running errands and it was returned in pristine condition as well. Evan was very responsible and respectful of our home and pet. Would highly recommend him as a house sitter.
ASHLEY ( California, Mar 2019 - 2 weeks 2 days)
No rating Evan took care of my senior special needs kitty for almost 5 weeks. He sent updates and photos to keep me posted. She recieved her medicines and fluids as schedule and lots of attention. She's had a few care takers over the years when I've been traveling but Evan was probablemente the most attentive to her needs! Thank you and Mirabelle thanks you!
SERENA ( Oregon, Jan 2019 - 1 month 2 weeks)
No rating Evan not only gave my pets lots of love, he deep cleaned the house and dealt with details and minutia during our absence. He is very respectful and considerate of the property and personal spaces of others. All in all, having Evan watch over our home and pets made for a hassle-free and perfect vacation. We would definitely have him sit for us again!
DAVID ( Washington, Jan 2019 - 2 weeks 2 days)
No rating Evan took care of our pets (3 dogs, two cats and two tanks of fish) for two months while we visited the land down under. When we returned we were greeted by calm, happy animals and a house almost the same as we left it. His communication prior to and during the sit was extensive. However, during our travels he sent many updates with pictures that, unfortunately, we were unable to open. Communications in some of the areas we visited was sorely lacking. We found Evan to be conscientious, ... MORE
LEXY ( Florida, Nov 2018 - 1 month 3 weeks)
No rating Evan has set the bar high. From the start, his communication was professional, efficient, and pleasant. His prior experience really showed, as he asked questions which obviously had arisen from other sits. Evan initiated communication while I was gone. When a hurricane was scheduled to come to my area, he proactively picked up items from my garage floor so when the floor was flooded. Nothing was harmed. He sent cute pictures of my cat, and pictures of my mail, forwarding what I asked him to ... MORE
SARA ( Virginia, Oct 2018 - 1 month 1 week)
No rating Evan took care of our two dogs, Charlie and Devin and our parrot Buddy during a 17 day vacation from August 15 to September 1st. He took really good care of all of them, particularly by taking Charlie and Devin on different walks every day, giving them lots of love and pets and providing important medicine to our older dog Devin. He also did exceptionally well with our parrot Buddy, who trusted him so much that he would climb on Evan's shoulder regularly. Evan also played music daily for him ... MORE
JOHANNE (Leesburg Virginia, Aug 2018 - 2 weeks 3 days)
No rating I cannot say enough good things about Evan, and I think you'd be lucky to have him sit for you. We came back to a clean house with everything in its place. He came a day early and stayed the night we got home. He took and picked us up from the airport which helped us emincely. My plants were watered, the outside fountain had water in it and the bird feeders were full. AND, more importantly, my cat was happy. I don't hink she realized we were even gone (of course, do they ever?:-D). As I ... MORE
PATTIE ( Mississippi, Aug 2018 - 1 week)
No rating My husband and I can't say enough wonderful things about Evan. Evan house/ 2 cat sat 5 weeks for us in Mobile, AL. for the month of July 2018. Right off the bat, his communications with us were very prompt. You will notice right away that he is an extremely conscientious person! He wants to make sure that he does everything to your liking. He took fantastic care of our 2 cats and sent many pictures of them while we were away. In addition, he had to administer a pill to 1 cat, via a cat ... MORE
TISSA ( Alabama, Jun 2018 - 5 weeks & 5 days)
No rating Evan is a responsible and thoughtful housesitter. He cared for our elderly dog, house plants, and yard & garden for close to a month. We were pleased with the state of our home when we returned. This was our first experience with HouseSitters America and we are very satisfied with the experience.
MIRA ( Oregon, Jun 2018 - 3.5 weeks)
No rating Evan took care of our house, yard and pet for two months (April & May, 2018) and did an outstanding job. The house was clean, the yard in great shape and the pet healthy and happy when we returned. His communication prior to and during the sit was excellent. We received regular updates with pictures of the pet and blooming flowers. Evan was conscientious and thoughtful - thoroughly professional. I would use his services again in a heartbeat and highly recommend him.
SUNNY ( Oregon, Apr 2018 - 2 months)
No rating Evan is our 1st sitter, as this was a new experience for us. We were in Mexico for a break and vacation and Evan helped us relax when far away from home. Before the sit Evan was very good with communications, so I felt confident we had touched all the bases and were well prepared. When he arrived at our home he was gracious and everyone felt at ease quickly. We had time to orient him to the house and for him to get to know our 2 cats and 2 dogs. While we were away there were ... MORE
ROBERT (Lake Ariel Pennsylvania, Mar 2018 - 3 weeks)
No rating Evan did a house sit for me in West Palm Beach Florida for 2.5 months in 2017. During this time he achieved the following: -Took care of my 11 year old dog -Watered plants -Collected mail -Conducted regular house maintenance -Paid some bills -Coordinated with the cleaning person -He also had the use of my car I recommend Evan for the following reasons: -There were clear and regular communication during the time away -My dog was calm and in good condition upon my arrival -My ... MORE
JOHANN ( Florida, Oct 2017 - 2 months)
No rating Evan was such an excellent and professional sitter with a great sense of honesty and integrity. He took care of our home as if it were his own...faithfully taking care to water outdoor plants and loving and caring for our three cats ( who loved him, as well )! My oldest cat is over 21 years old and loved his gentle attention. Evan also effectively managed a lawn sprinkler issue and a main water outage caused by contractors doing cable additions in our neighborhood. He kept me informed via text ... MORE
CHRISTIAN ( Louisiana, Sep 2017 - 2 weeks 6 days)
No rating Evan was a great sitter for our home, two Chihuahua's, and as our mail call's man! Our boys, Sparky and Weber, were charmed by Evan. He plied them on treats, took them on very interesting walks, gave them their meds, fed them on time and really loved them. We never worried about them the six weeks Peg was out of the country. Our home was in great shape on Peg's return; its always so welcoming to return to a comfy clean house after a long journey. Peg needed to return home two weeks earlier ... MORE
IMELDA & PEG ( Arkansas, Nov 2016 - 1 month 2 weeks)
No rating I would strongly recommend Evan as a house/pet sitter. He is meticulous in his duties. When he said the cat and dog were sleeping with him I knew he had been treating them well. Thank you Evan! It was a bit upsetting when my husband got sick and had to return early and I thank him for being flexible.
KATHY ( Washington, Oct 2016 - 2 weeks 4 days)
No rating Evan housesat for my husband and me when we were in Norway for three weeks recently. While we were gone he took very good care of our toy fox terrier and our house. Not only that, he also drove us to the airport when we left and picked us back up when we returned home. And he vacuumed and cleaned the house before our arrival. This was our first experience having a housesitter, and we were very pleased. We will be inviting Evan back for other stays!
SUZANNE ( Washington, Oct 2016 - 2 weeks 6 days)
No rating Evan recently came for two weeks to take care of our cat, Mr. Bigglesworth. Out of all the applicants, I really liked Evan's profile - it conveyed that he was responsible and would be a great housesitter. I was not wrong. His communications during the application process and while he was sitting for us were timely and great. It was wonderful getting updates on Mr. B while we were travelling. Upon our return, the house was very clean (just how I like it) and our kitty was very happy ... MORE
DEL ( Arizona, Aug 2016 - 2 weeks)
No rating Evan is the sitter all of us dream of. He loves our cats and has been a super papa-in-law. Every week he emails a mail call. He lists all the mail (except obvious junk), and we decide what to keep and what to have him throw out. Evan is handy. When our faucet in the kitchen broke, he researched parts online, ordered them and fixed the faucet, saving us on a plumber's bill. Our plants look divine, our sidewalks shoveled, our cars started as if we'd never been away. Anyone who "hires" Evan ... MORE
JANE LEDER ( Illinois, Jan 2016 - 2 months 2 weeks)
No rating Evan stayed at our house for 70+ days while we were out of the country. He took great care to see to it that we were informed about our mail and dealt with the few issues that came up as a result. Our cat - an outdoor cat - adapted to Evan immediately and was very well cared for. We plan to work with him again.
HAL ( New Mexico, Oct 2015 - 2 weeks 6 days)
No rating Evan was great for us as we were out of the country for almost 3 months in 3 different countries. He accomplished everything we requested during his stay He collected our mail, sent picture capture of all correspondence, followed up on several issues requiring coordination and action: set up and coordinated a unexpected city water heater inspection and when our tenant decided to stay longer he coordinated our desires. He maintained constant contact with us. He arrived as we requested, was ... MORE
JIM ( Florida, Jun 2015 - 5 months)
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