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I was a bit weary at first but set up a sitter ad but I am so glad I did! A wonderful opportunity to explore a new place and a great way to meet new people! Thank you! Kirsten S
Just want to let you know that I've been fortunate enough to be contacted by a homeowner in Lawndale, CA and am now house sitting for him. This is my first house sitting assigment ever and I'm very pleased he selected me. It's goes for 3 month. Thank you to the team there. Judy
I am a house-sitter. I love it. This is my first home but on my second stay here. It is all I expected and much, much more. Maureen
Would just like to thank you in helping me find a house sitting job. I have been contacted a few times by homeowners over the past few months but those jobs didn't suit. This one is long term and perfect. I will spread the good word about House Sitters America. Jim
I had a wonderful time house sitting in New York for Thanksgiving. The apartment was right in the heart of Chelsea and I loved living in the neighborhood. Oh Yeah, the cat was low maintenance. Would go again in a heartbeat. Carroll
I found a house sitting job in New Milford, CT for 9 months, it is great. Best investment I have ever made was going to your website. You saved me thousands in rent. Great people great house. Sean C
Since subscribing to your site, I have had a steady summer house/pet sitting job with a local family. It has provided me with experience, references and new friends. Thank you Sherry
I've been contacted by a homeowner in Lincoln, Nebraska for a 7 week housesit. This is very much appreciated. I have saved a lot of money by joining your system. Take care! Maryann
I've already been successful with your sitting service. A homeowner contacted me to do a sit. Although this is my first job as a sitter and I'm nervous, I'm also very excited. Appreciate it very much. Carrie
Seems to be working! I registered as a house sitter 3 weeks ago and have already had 2 homeowners contact me to look after their place. If this keeps up I'll be very happy. Robbie
Your website is very informative and professionally done. The answers to questions are very clear. I think it is a great resource for those in need. Regards, D. P.
I love the new look website. It's very organized and easy to use. Finding house sitting jobs is much more user-friendly. Kathleen
Great Site, & was fortunate to get several sits quickly. An owner contacted me & been on a house sit for 8-months which can extend. Cony
I would certainly join House Sitters America as there are so many sits in so many places all over the States. You will soon forget the small cost for the benefits and ease of using this site. Francien
Hi, I've just joined this site - just learned about it last month - after belonging to a couple of others for a few years. Your website is the simplest and best I've seen for this process. Thanks! M
I chose House Sitters America for the ease of navigating the site not only for sitters but the home owners. The home owners list the dates needed and the sitters side lists the sitters available dates, but then you know that. We joined HSA as house sitters in April and within two weeks we signed for our first job in Galisteo, NM a small art community just south of Santa Fe, NM ( one of our most favorite places to be) The job is for 2 1/2 months ending July 5th. When we leave here we leave for 3 weeks in Tucson, AZ (thanks to HSA) While here we have in Santa Fe we have made many friends and lined up several sitting jobs that will allow us to be in the area until mid Sept. Hoping to sign for a job that will keep us in NM for the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta the 1st of Oct. We will be renewing our contract with HSA. Frank & Judy
Last Sept. my husband and I signed up to house/pet sit. Last Dec. we had the privilege of sitting for a couple in Fullerton, CA. They had a dog named Babe and we fell in love with her. She was such a sweet dog and the hardest part was leaving her. In Jan. we had a house/pet sitting assignment in Lafayette, CO. which was in a beautiful 3 story home on the golf course and we were in charge of a beautiful dog named Skylar and a sweet cat named Chelsea. We thoroughly enjoyed both assignments and looked forward to more in the future. It is a great way to see different parts of the country! Carole
I have house sat now for three families and their pets.. Cats, Dogs, Donkeys, and gardens! This has been a great program that allows me the enjoyment of visiting new places, and giving community service to new friends. My family has often joined clubs that do community serice such as: Lions Club, Toast Masters, Soroptimist. This is another way to do something for someone else. It gives me great satisfaction to know that the home owner appreciates this service that I can provide. It is a win/win situation, but great fun too! I look forward to more interesting places to visit, and also to meet new friends! Bob Bob
My husband and I registered with Housesitters America last year. We just finished a 5 month housesit on a beautiful lake outside Seattle. Besides the opportunitiy to live on a beautiful lake and wake up to see the Olympics every morning, we met and enjoyed many wonderful neighbors. We are on our second housesit in an upscale neighborhood of Sacramento and we are enjoying it thoroughly. These were two positions that we chose out of approximately 20 that were offered to us. Thank you Housesitters America for being the vehicle to a whole new life for this retired couple. Vicki
I recently completed a one month sit for Trish in her beautiful home on a Lake. It turned out that February was unusually cold for Texas (and many other parts of the US as well). I learned quite a bit about caring for her pool and keeping it from freezing, etc. Her pets: (2 large friendly Yellow Labs and 2 indoor cats) kept me entertained and busy. I really did enjoy my time there. I am looking forward to many more opportunities this year and beyond. Thanks for the wonderful connections this site allows. Love to Travel
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Testimonials Found: 47
*FREE: House sitting is usually free, for both sitter and house owner, although this is completely up to the individuals. There are usually some costs that need to be covered by either the sitter or the house owner e.g. electricity, phone usage, vet fees etc. How these costs are handled needs to be agreed before the sit begins. House sitters pay a single annual membership fee, while house owners pay nothing to advertise their house or to contact sitters.