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  • 1 Nov 2022 - 8 Nov 2022
  • 1 week
What we need
  • Dogs (1), Cats (2)
  • Minimal
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We need a house sitter

Metropolitan - Ramsey


I will be having surgery out-of-state. The dates are flexible by a day or two on either end.

I live in a beautiful carriage house in a picturesque and very safe neighborhood in Saint Paul. The carriage house sits behind the main house, which is on a street that sits right atop Summit Hill. From the street, you can see a beautiful visit of the Twin Cities!

The carriage house consists of a lower level garage, and a 1200 sq. foot home which is on the second level. The entire second level is mine, as well as a basement with washer/dryer you will be free to use. There is a bedroom, office, music/workout room, and 1 bathroom.

I have two cats, Orzo and Daisy, and a dog, Wally. They are all lovely, sweet animals. Wally is 7 and is a schnoodle (we think). He's had extensive obedience training and is the goodest boy. He usually travels with me but I have to fly this time! He is about 20 pounds. He is leash-trained, microchipped, and knows commands such as sit, stay, down, come, etc. He LOVES people and gets very excitable.

Daisy and Orzo are my bonded pair of older cats. Daisy is 13 and Orzo is 14. Most of the day they lay around snuggling. Daisy likes to eat any toilet paper, tissues, or paper towels she finds. Orzo yowls before using the litter box and gets the zoomies after. They are best friends. Orzo tolerates Wally but overall they love each other.

All the animals eat twice daily. They each have their own food, and Orzo gets some supplements at each meal. The cats are separated for meals so they can eat all their food without bothering each other. Wally is on a low-fat diet because of pancreatitis. He absolutely cannot eat anything outside his diet-so no extra treats, no people food, etc. This is CRITICAL as he can get very sick. He does fine as long as he sticks to his prescription food.

Wally will need to go outside regularly, but can easily go up to 8 hours. He loves walks and is leash-trained!

The litter box should be cleaned daily. I will change the litter before I leave, so it shouldn't need to be changed.

I have received both doses of the COVID vaccine and the booster. Happy to rapid test before I go.

First and foremost, I am looking for someone safe, dependable, and animal-loving. My main priority is that my babies are well-taken care of. I also appreciate a communicative housesitter who keeps me updated on how everyone is doing. Finally, I want someone who will treat my space as they would want theirs to be treated. Thus, conscientiousness and leaving things as you found them are appreciated!

The first picture is of the carriage house. There is also a picture of the main house included. Happy to discuss contributing to your travel costs.

Weather should still be mild at the beginning of November!

House & Location
  • House
  • Internet, Wifi, Netflix, Air conditioner, Heater, Street parking
  • No
  • City (Shopping, Nature, Quiet, Family, Historical)
  • Trains/Trams, Buses, Supermarket, Shopping Centre, Gym/Yoga, Restaurants/Cafes, Pubs/Bars, Parks, Art/Theatre, Live Music, Fishing/Boating
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