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No firm dates have been set as yet but it is envisioned to be a three month trip. I am interested in having an experienced and responsible person or couple to take care of my house and two dogs.
I have a three bedroom ranch with a 3/4 acre fenced in yard. Lawn care will be provided but the person or persons selected will be responsible for keeping the inside of the home clean and tidy and in an overall safe manner.

  • 1 Jul 2021* - 30 Sep 2021* (*Approx)
  • 3 months 1 week
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Southeast - Genesee


My name is Diane and I am a retired social worker. I enjoy traveling, touring North America in my small motor home, reading, spending time with friends, and, most of all, parenting my two rescue canine "kids." I wish to visit Australia and spend time with a friend there. I am looking for a sitter for anywhere from 6 weeks to 3 months to look after my "kids" and home while I am away.
My home is located in Genesee Township, a small rural community outside Flint, Michigan. My home is located less than a days' drive from some of the major attractions in Michigan, including Ann Arbor, Lansing, Detroit, Grand Rapids, and Frankenmuth, MI. Ontario, Canada is only an hour away. In Michigan, one is never further than 6 miles from a river, lake, or other body of water. Lake Erie, one of the Great Lakes, is only 1 hour away.
My home has a very secure, fenced-in back yard. There is also a 6 foot privacy fence separating my back yard from the neighbors on either side. My property backs up to a huge cornfield. It, too, provides plenty of privacy, especially when the crop is ready for harvest.
Housing amenities to be provided during your stay will include lawn maintenance or snow maintenance during winter months. The sitter will be responsible for providing their own food and transportation. Footnote***** Flint, MI has received very bad press due to their recent problems with water, and rightly so. That being said, the water in my home does NOT come from tainted sources. It is clean and clear and perfectly suitable for drinking, bathing, and other forms of human use.
I hate to admit it, but my "kids" are very spoiled! I am proud to admit, however, they are very well behaved DESPITE my fawning over them. A typical day in our home is usually quite simple. They sleep with me, so we always rise at the same time. I feed them breakfast which is composed of half their daily food allowance. I do not have a doggy door, but they ask me to go outside and come back into the house as their needs arise. They are usually content to be let out after their breakfast, mid-afternoon, following their dinner around 6:30 p.m., and before they retire for the night.
I try to let them sit on my lap in the recliner some time during the day. Cragen (the larger of the two, about 44 pounds) is very cuddly and seems to thrive on close body contact. Dutchess (about 17 pounds) enjoys being held also, but is content to just be in the same room as her human. I give Cragen 2 tablets in the morning which he takes easily when accompanied by bits of liver. Cragen came from an extremely abusive background and subsequently feels anxious much of the time, especially when close to children, cats, and canines larger than himself, so I keep him away from these triggers. Dutchess pretty much gets along with everyone.
Please let me know if you have questions or concerns.

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