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  • 20 May 2021* - 26 May 2021* (*Approx)
  • 6 days
What we need
  • Cats (3)
  • Minimal
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We need a house sitter

Greater New Haven - New Haven


LOCAL Looking for sitters from the local area

[Note: Covid-19 means we have no definite plans to travel right now, so the dates listed are just fillers. Our trips range typically from a few days to 2 weeks.

We do hope to travel in 2021, though, so are interested in meeting paid or free housesitters, preferably somewhat local or willing to visit, so that we can meet.]

If you like cats with distinct personalities, and if you also like distinctive old houses ... let's talk!

When we take a trip, we need help for the cat family that stays home. Each of our three cats has a quite distinct temperament, so the trio require attention and sometimes distraction or separation. You will have plenty of time to yourself, but please know this is not a "feed and forget" situation, either; interacting with the cats is central to the housesit.

All three cats are female and were rescues; in 2020 their ages are roughly 17, 12, and 9. They aren't related to each other. Everyone is healthy. They are all sociable, just to different degrees and in different ways. One is peering at the computer as I write, advising me what to say.

Our late 1800's/early 1900's house is dear to us, rambly, interesting, and in good repair. We'd ask you just to respect it; bring in mail and packages; leave it as clean as you found it; keep it safe and secure; and enjoy its opportunities and quirks. Depending on the trip, season, or weather, there are other predictable tasks (empty dehumidifier, water plants, shovel snow, put out trash for collection, e.g.). We have a big shady yard, an outdoor deck, cable TV and streaming services, and live in a residential neighborhood with trees and sidewalks (though our house fronts on a busy street). We know all our immediate neighbors, and they'll answer questions if you can't reach us.

New Haven is a small city on the Connecticut shoreline, home to several colleges and universities, a lively arts and intellectual life, a diverse restaurant scene, world-renowned thin-crust pizza, and much more. It's easy to find things to do, places to shop, and walks to take. There is public bus transport, and bicycling is common, but you might find it most convenient to have a car.

We have been lucky to build relationships with local experienced housesitters and petsitters who have proven responsible and reliable; communicative and honest with us; and kind and attentive to our wacky cats. That's what we're looking for on Housesitters America, too.

We take other trips throughout the year, as well, usually from a few days to a week or 10 days; occasionally longer. We are happy to talk to paid or free housesitters.

If all this interests you, we look forward to video-chatting and/or meeting in person. Thanks for reading our listing!

PS for full disclosure: We have an elderly ball python snake, who lives in her enclosure and requires absolutely NO care from or interaction with a housesitter. Odds are you will never even see her, but if being in the same building as a snake is a dealbreaker, FYI.

House & Location
  • House
  • Internet, Wifi, Netflix, Cable TV, Dishwasher
  • City, Suburban (Historical)
  • Trains/Trams, Buses, Supermarket, Shopping Centre, Gym/Yoga, Restaurants/Cafes, Pubs/Bars, Cinema, Parks, Beach, Art/Theatre, Live Music, Fishing/Boating
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