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*I charge a travel fee if sit is over 100 distant and less than a month in duration. Over a month duration, not a problem (otherwise it's simply too expensive to keep the lights on at home, and keep the van road worthy).

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62, Writer


My name is Jay Mouton. I'm a working novelist (obscure, but for real, LOL). Check out my latest Apocalyptic novels/novellas/poetry at Amazon (contact me for the link, or just type my name in the search box).

I'm able to work anywhere, thus I may be a good fit when considering the possibility of an individual to care for your home and/or possibly your pets. *Please, all initial contacts via e-mail on site, but after initial info we can Skype.

*So far, I've not cancelled any "sits"; I have a 100% record of completion on all my agreed to "sits" (wraped up my 30th sit on the 18th of June, 2020), along with a number regular return "sits", over my time as a member of this site. I tend to prefer longer sits, as travel is expensive and bouncing around is interesting but, well, dare I repeat myself, "expensive". LOL!

If you have a property or pets that require care while you are gone, I might be able to help out. Few are comfortable leaving their homes empty when they are absent for any length of time. Few care to have their utilities/services shut off, or leave other day to day considerations unattended. Some insurance policies even require that a home must be occupied a certain percentage of time for aspects of upkeep, etc. Most individuals understand that leaving a home unattended for extended periods of time can amount to leaving a sign hanging above the door that reads--HELP YOURSELF! Food for thought, indeed.

Above all, I consider myself a man of ethical considerations, and will go out of my way to make good on my end of any agreement I engage in. Should you decide to contact me, I have my own health/auto insurance, I'm physically fit (life long non-smoker, social drinker at best; primary vice would be playing music--love it!). I have an abiding respect for the property of others. I've owned property (in addition to two homes, I owned and operated a brick & mortar bookstore, and a B&B for nearly a decade in the 1990s); as well, I know what it's like to have an individual mistreat a home (a renter straight out of hell, but I digress). Rest assured, when you pull back into your drive, your home will be clean and inviting when you return from your adventures.

I'm not a germaphobe, nor am I a neat freak. But, fear not, I'm tidy/clean, in general (no dirty dishes in the sink come morning, clean toilets, and general order).

Basically, while I'm not a card carrying environmentalist, I tend to try to keep the ol' carbon footprint small.

I'm one of those individuals that gets on well with both cats and dogs (I admire and respect horses, but it's been a long while since I've worked with any; spent a couple summers of my youth working at a stables). Sorry, not a bird person (beautiful to see from a distance, but I'm not into their non-stop gossip, lol).

I'm an introvert by nature; Myers-Briggs: INFJ (no, it's not you--I like solitude), but I'm not "shy", nor am I a "hermit". If you are seriously seeking a dependable individual to oversee your home, property and, possibly, beloved pet (s), for a length of time, feel free to contact me with details (please, be very specific with any responses). I get back to individuals quickly, and I do not mislead individuals. And, of course, I wish the same respect in return (if I tell you "I'm not sure, yet" it means "I'm not sure, yet").

Sometimes, I'm simply camping, and I'm not online; usually, it's only for a few days or so, but I have always attempted to give as precise times/dates for contact as is/has been possible. I know how important it can be to be sure your plans are laid out as carefully as possible; I feel the same way about my plans, so if we agree to a "sit" (terms/dates/times/responsibilities/etc.) then unless the Apocalypse occurs (not to be confused with my e-novel series, Apocalypse Awakening, also available at Amazon; yeah, that's another pitch, LOL) between the date of agreement and the "sit" date (s)--we're on. I've found that the trickiest part of this whole process is making sure that everybody involved is on the same page (s) concerning those items that will not only effect our, respective, plans, but your home and/or pets--it's important to be accurate, and that, often, requires a little time and attention to details.

Those that have pets know well that it can be not only traumatic for pets to be displaced, possibly in a loud and scary kennel, but it can be extremely expensive as well (if you doubt this, by all means, check some local fees, but make sure it's been a couple hours since you've had anything to eat--wow!). If your pets need extra special attention, and direct action 2-3 or more times each day, this is always a consideration. Both important aspects to consider when considering a home sitter (again, many kennels can be very expensive, even w/o personal care for your pets) for the reliable care in your home, and special care concerning your critters. While I'm not a veterinarian, nor play one on a Netflix series, I have administered topical and oral meds to both cats and dogs. And, most important of all, most of our furry friends need that little extra emotional touch from us human critters.

In a nutshell, I've been doing this long enough to know that being as clear as one is able concerning expectations provides the best outcome for all (including pets). As well, I realize that some folks like the "soft sell" approach, but anything less than forthright truth concerning needs/responsibilities (from both parties) I find to be disingenuous, more often than not, and can result in misunderstanding or mistrust. Simply put, I do not approach my dealings in such a manner (probably one reason my profile is pretty extensive, and a reason I've had numerous repeat sits). I shoot for being upfront, and hopefully, at least some of the time, a tad, tactful.

Most individuals put their best foot forward, and are on the level, but I will ask for pertinent aspects of the job and offer a Skype/Facebook interview (if possible) for in-depth clarification/verification (circumstances, of course, prevail).

If you understand and appreciate the above presented profile, have unlimited, high-speed Internet (while meager, LOL, I make my living online, and must have daily access to the 'net; plus, I've a Netflix account and enjoy movies). And, I do need to be able to receive mail at your address during the period of time I am at your home, should I need to receive anything from the VA (my medical provider); no, you will not receive weeks and months of solicitations after I'm gone.

Yeah, I'm wordy, but give me a break; I told you, I'm a writer! LOL!

Finally, If we can come to a consensus, then you can look forward to your trip knowing that your beloved pets and home will be well cared for. If you feel I'm not the right fit for you, well, you can still take a peek at my Amazon author page! LOL! Have a wonderful adventure!


Reviews (6)
No rating It isn't always easy to find quality sitters willing to come to rural west Tennessee for a few weeks so I was thrilled when a sitter with stellar recommendations responded to my ad. Jay arrived the evening before my scheduled departure so as to meet my little guy and become acquainted with the house. I knew it was the right move when Avery totally ignored my departure in favor of playing with his new "buddy". I received regular updates during the month I was away including videos of my fur ... MORE
JACQUELINE ( Tennessee, Jan 2020)
No rating Jay is a wonderful housesitter. Our elder cat, Chubaca was well taken care of and this included receiving transdermal medication twice a day. Our home was very clean when we returned home. I would not hesitate to have him sit for us again.
JANICE ( South Carolina, Jul 2019)
No rating Jay was an amazing housesitter. We are so glad he arrived a day in advance so we had a chance to get to know him. It was like having an old friend arrive to stay. We felt like he was part of the family. He took very good care of our two cats and our home. I hope he enjoyed his stay, we enjoyed knowing he was in our home. We would use Jay again and recommend him in a heartbeat to ANYONE looking for a housesitter. We feel very, very fortunate to have met and gotten to know Jay!
KAREN ( Pennsylvania, Dec 2017 - 2 weeks 3 days)
No rating Jay was our first introduction to House sitters. We were apprehensive at first but he appeared to be ideal for the position we were requesting when he responded to our request. We were very pleased we had chosen him to sit. Everything worked out very well, hopefully for him but, certainly for us. We had the chance to spend the first day with him and get acquainted. This alleviated a lot of anxiety we had prior to the sit. He did a thorough job in keeping us updated via email on ... MORE
DONALD ( New York, Jan 2016 - 1 month 3 weeks)
No rating Having Jay as a sitter was our first experience with the website and what a positive first impression it was! He has, however, set the bar exceedingly high for any future sitters. We are so very thankful for the wonderful way Jay cared for our home and our shy elderly cat. From the moment we met him, he put our minds at ease. Not only did we find someone we have every confidence in, we also found a new friend (and a very talented musician and writer). We asked for him again this June/July ... MORE
SUSAN (Jacksonville , Dec 2015)
No rating We were very impressed with Jay's profile and his honesty. It was very refreshing. We contacted Jay and checked out his references and they were impeccable. We contracted Jay to sit our house and 2 cats for 3 weeks. He kept in touch in the months and weeks leading up to our departure date. On our departure date he gave us a time frame in which he would arrive. He arrived to the minute of the time frame. We would very polite and courteous and our 2 cats fell in love with him. During our trip Jay ... MORE
EDDIE AND PAUL (St. Augustine, Florida., Mar 2015)
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