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House Sitting Preferences
  • 1 - 2 months, 2 months +
  • Dog(s), Cat(s), Fish, Rabbit(s)/Guinea Pig(s), Chickens/Ducks/Geese, Farm Animals, Horse(s)
  • I am comfortable caring for horses, goats, and chickens. I'm am not a trained herder, however, so your goats and horses will need to primarily be barn and closed pasture creatures. I still have a hard time picking up chickens so I'm best used for short term chicken care or for those flocks who just need to be fed, watered, and let out to roam.

Preferred Locations
  • Anywhere in the United States
  • NEXT 6 MONTHS    
  • 2023: 20Dec-7May2024
  • On a house-sit right now

Warm and respectful

48, Reiki Teacher and Life Coach

Hello and thank you for considering me to care for your loved one and home.

A few things to know to begin:
-I work from home- I'm working on my writing and I do a lot of phone work, life coaching and/or Reiki sessions and all online. I have a soft voice which usually doesn't carry but there will be a good amount of talking while I'm there. The best part of this is that your friend has me home and with a flexible schedule all day long and your home will never be unattended long unless we have an agreed upon extended time that I'm away from the home. I do like to be outside a good bit so know that you won't find me glued to your couch when you get home!
-I don't smoke anything nor vape, I drink very lightly (about three times a year, if that many), I don't take recreational drugs, and I rarely use products that have a strong scent.
-I am Covid vaccinated, have my own car, renters insurance, and health insurance.
-My intention is always to leave your property, to the best of my ability, at the very least, the way that I found it.

Hello! I hope that this finds you well and excited for your time away.

I grew up with three dogs in the house. One was a full sized doberman and the other two toy poodles. As a teenager, I fell in love with horses and went to horse camp every summer to augment the riding lessons that I took during the school year. I brushed them, rode, them mucked out their stalls and turned them out. As an adult, I became the loving, warm furniture for three cats and a dog. I, also, had more opportunities to be with horses. Just this year have I learned to care for and milk goats and feed and avoid protective roosters and their flock of laying hens.

I am a lover of pets and their more wild family members. I'm the sort who gives them all nicknames about two minutes after I've met them. I meet them by letting them come to me and them setting the pace. I don't push to make a relationship and always use the commands set by their owners and make sure that they are followed. I intend to respect all beings as beings and not just as animals.

I love to take walks in nature. I forest bathe like a pro! The ocean is a being with whom I connect every chance I get. I'm working on manifesting my writings into something other people understand. I'm rather quite in my lifestyle and manor. I get along with most people because I believe that we should all be treated with respect and dignity while having good personal boundaries as well.

I seek a house sitting opportunity to transition into a lifestyle that revolves around a lot of travel. I love people and I love new places. I want to see so much more of our beautiful world in the years to come. Too, I want more opportunities to focus on my writing and to find more things that inspire me to write. I love the world; I want to show it how much and be busy loving it actively.

I have been a house sitter in the past for friends and friends and family friends. I am careful and respectful of other people's space and needs. I'm not the type to snoop; I'm glad to never know what's in your medicine cabinet or drawers. I usually do a walk through with the home owner before they leave to have them show me all the ins and outs of their home. I keep contact information for them in my phone and, when available, two local contacts for emergencies in case needed. Vet info, too, if there are pets involved. I follow medication needs to the letter. For pets: my "no's" are firm and only loud as needed; I don't hit preferring a spray bottle or blowing on them. I'm patient. I don't over feed nor give too many treats. I make sure that they only go where you allow them to and keep to your rules and commands for them. I only sit for house trained pets, however. If there is incontinence due to illness/medical condition, I can work with this so long as you have a good system already in place for dealing with this.

Thank you for your time. If I've not spoken to your questions about me, please feel free to contact me and I'll be glad to supply you with the information you seek. I hope that you find the best sitter for your needs.

Take good care.

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