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Self Employed Nomadic Homebodies

40, Life Coach

46, Blogger

Hi! We're Kelli and Ryan, a married couple who has been housesitting since 2014 all over the world with 20+ verified reviews.

Originally from the States (NJ) we have spent the bulk of our time abroad since 2011. Since Covid, we have developed more of an interest in domestic travel and are open to all areas of the country, and environments. We particularly enjoy being in quiet areas surrounded by lots of nature and hiking opportunities.

Since we started our travels in 2011, we were always lucky to have a home base at my mom's house in NJ where we would visit with friends and family as long as we wanted, but unfortunately that went away when she passed in 2020. That has been a big change. So, we are always interested in opportunities that would have us close to central NJ including CT, DE, NY and PA.

We will be finished with current bookings on July 26th and from this point, we are looking for sits in the above mentioned areas for at least the next few months. We have a wedding in Red Bank, NJ August 22nd and my sister is having a baby the end of September.

We wouldn't expect to bring them into the homes we are sitting unless expressly given permission to do so, but even then, we would be much more likely to visit with them in their own homes and elsewhere.

We don't necessarily need to stay in this vicinity the entire time, but we probably wouldn't travel too far afield as we already have several assignments in this area lined up throughout this period.

I regularly update our busy times on the availability section of the profile.

We don't have any references on this site yet. We have a profile on another site where we have over 20 verified reviews. I am unable to place the link here but can provide it in our communications.

We began housesitting in 2014 and it has allowed us to stay in so many great places abroad and at home.

We are very passionate about personal development and being our 'best selves' if you will, and our' journey' has allowed us to create many wonderful things, namely location-independent businesses that allow us to travel as long as we want, whenever we want.

Our lifestyle is low-key and clean, and we're very committed to our health and well-being. We meditate, do yoga and exercise daily. Non-smokers and never drink. Not really into nightlife so if you like people home later in the evenings for security reasons and/or your animals that won't be a problem.

Besides our traveling lifestyle, we are actually kind of boring. ;)

I run a personal development blog and offer coaching services, while Ryan's business is focused on helping people build a successful blog and online business. We hope to inspire others and share the insights we have gained from our own experience in hopes it will assist them in making positive changes in their own lives, whether personally or professionally.

The only thing we truly require in the home is reliable internet; we don't need the fastest speeds available but we could not work somewhere where outages are common or the connection goes in and out a lot.

Because the location-independent nature of our businesses allows us to travel for as long as we want, we really enjoy spending time in places for an extended period to get to know the place, the people and the culture. Because we are working while traveling, we like some stability and the comforts of 'home.'

Housesitting is a perfect way to travel in our preferred manner. We are kind of 'homebodies' but like changing up where home is every so often. We also really adore animals so assignments with pets are just perfect for us.

We have done sits in an eclectic mix of environments, from a luxury property in Bali to a bare-bones house three miles into the Costa Rican jungle, with no electricity and an outhouse(yes it is as gross as you are imagining ) We're very used to changing up environments frequently and adapt pretty quickly to new circumstances and cultures.

HUGE animal lovers and experienced in caring for cats, dogs and birds; when you entrust us with your beloved pets, know that they will not just be taken care of, but truly loved and showered with plenty of affection.

We have cared for animals with a variety of personalities and temperaments from the extremely shy and timid to former street dogs to the highly energetic who need plenty of exercise and engagement to those requiring strong discipline and routine. Experienced in giving a variety of medications, including insulin.

We have also cared for chickens and other farm animals. Ryan grew up with a variety of exotic birds and is very well-versed in their care.

Between spending a good deal of time at home to work, never being ones to fill our days with lots of 'tourist' activities, and not really going out in the evenings, your pets will never be alone for long.

We love doing things outdoors and are very in shape and active, so if your doggies need nice long walks, we are happy to oblige. A great way to make sure we get our exercise in!

We have no problem with gardening and other basic upkeep of the property. We have had a couple of assignments in tropical areas that required pretty extensive maintenance of the property, and Ryan is quite skilled with a machete, and enjoys using it very much!

We love a clean and orderly space, so when leaving your home in our care, you can be assured it will be kept in tip-top shape.

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