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Scotty AKA Enthusiast

39, Self (designer/photographer)

Hello there! My name is Scott and I am from Arizona but have been traveling the world for 3+ years living out of 2 small bags with limited clothes and supplies (very minimal thus not very cluttered). I have house sat in New York, London, Switzerland, San Francisco, Madrid, and Arizona during my traveling as well.

I am self taught in Graphic design, websites, photography, and other several skills all while continuing to learn new things and grow my knowledge. I work from my laptop and will be spending most of my time either working on projects or when time allows for it, I'll sometimes be out exploring/photographing cool and interesting things, meeting new people, and learning about the culture in the areas I'm staying. Along with traveling and house sitting, another thing I plan on doing at some point I'm really looking forward to is helping out at an elephant sanctuary.

I have been around animals (mainly dogs) my whole life and have always been accepted by other animals. I've been around all types of dogs, large and small, young puppies to older dogs, well trained and calm to happy energetic ones as well as service animals. I also talk to dogs, knowing full well that they really don't understand what exactly it is I'm saying. However, from the research I've done it's good to do for both you and the pet and helps with the bonding from human to animal.

I'll be traveling all over via planes, trains, boats, etc... and LOVE to ride a bike so if you have one I'll be on that a lot.

Why I want to house sit
Humans Helping Humans

I am getting into the house sitting as a way to continue to grow as a person. With house sitting I can be in new locations, meeting new people and learning about new experiences. This will help my photography (so you just may get some photos of your amazing pets!) and writing grow as well as becoming an even better well rounded human and understanding of others all over the world. I'll get all this all while helping out another person who is needing someone to take care of their house and wonderful pets. Being around pets are also a really good thing for ones Mental health, as well as be able to keep each other company while traveling solo.

Being that I work from my laptop I make my own schedule and can work from anywhere as long as I have internet. My new lifestyle/motto is "Don't Live Anywhere, Live Everywhere" and house sitting will give me that opportunity. I used to live out of my car for 2-3 week long road trips across the US and now I am going globally with my life!

With my lifestyle being open and flexible, my availability is going to be open most of the time unless I'm in the middle of a current house sit or volunteering gig. All I will have to do is figure out if I'm close enough to the area you are in and the travel to get there. We can always set up a Skype chat or possibly with my dates usually flexible, I can most likely arrive in town and stay at an AirBnB or a hostel in the area and we can get together for lunch or something before you are leaving on YOUR exciting travels!

PS if you have an adventurous dog and live close to hiking trails, you better believe we are going!

My experience
I actually started doing this type of thing as a kid by helping neighbors when they went on vacation. I would check on and feed their pets (all different types), get their mail, do pool maintenance, water plants, etc... So at a young age not only was I learning how to be responsible for my stuff but also other people's things and pets.

I have been around pets my whole life, from family pets, roommates pets, friends pets, to strangers pets I meet all the time and I've always been great with all of them! I've been on long road/camping trips with several dogs as well taking care of them throughout the trips.

One story I love to tell about is in 2019 I went to a music festival and ran into an amazing person from Canada who was in the middle of one of her long road trips. She had a St Bernard which was a service dog with her named Willie. Not only did I get to hang out with her and her dog that day but I had the pleasure of being able to go with her and Willie on a walk after the show I got to meet such an amazing person, an amazing dog and share some amazing stories with them. Not only did I get to do this that day but I was lucky enough to get to do it all over for day 2 of the festival! I was at the beginning of a dark period in my life (depression) and being able to hang out with her and her amazing dog really helped me out during that time. It also gave me a reassurance that there are in fact still good people out there.

Most household tasks I am quite capable of handling as well if that is needed during my stay. I was also raised by my father who taught me a lot of household tasks and maintenance as well as basic proper home living such as checking rooms and door locks before going to sleep.

I have also been responsible for watching kids for several roommates over the years. When they were unable to find a sitter, I would fill in. I know I won't be watching kids, but it's just another level of trust that people have in me.

Reviews (2)
This was our first time using HSA and we were pretty nervous about the whole thing. Scott was a fantastic house/pet sitter. He texted regularly with questions and updates on our kitties, left the house completely clean, and obviously took great care of the cats while we were away. After we met him, I felt like I could actually enjoy our vacation because I knew our home and babies were in good hands. We’d have him back in a second!
MEGAN ( North Carolina, Jun 2023 - 1 week 1 night)
Scott was an amazing house and cat sitter for us! He took great care of our place (I think it was cleaner when we came back than when we left), and more importantly did the best job of looking after our darling (but slightly needy) cat Kiki. He sent me plenty of photo updates while we were gone and I felt so comfortable knowing she was being well looked after, including getting lots of lap time! He was overall a great communicator, extremely trustworthy, and very easy to get along with. Highly ... MORE
ANNIKA (San Francisco California, Aug 2022 - 3 weeks)
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