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I'm listing as free, but paid gigs are obviously awesome, too! Especially if I'll have traveling expenses getting to you. I'll be honest...while these insane food and gas prices are the norm, paid sits are probably going to draw my attention a little more. But, I don’t want to set a rate. I’ll trust you to know what you can afford.

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Responsible, reliable, and fairly normal!

52, On sabbatical.

Hi! My name is Michelle, and I'm a responsible, reliable, but free-spirited adult who loves to travel, and adores other people's animals and kids, because while I LOVE kids and animals (and they usually love me) I'm just not up for the long term parental/pet owner commitment thing, myself. But, I pet-sit, house-sit, and baby-sit pretty frequently, and I can provide glowing references (from clients not from this website, as well as HSA members) upon request. Please check out my reviews!

Consequently, I'm everybody's favorite fun aunt and pet sitter when they need to get away for awhile, which works out GREAT! I get my temporary kids fix (furry & non), and then I'm back to my non-tied down life. I love it, and my friends & family (and now you guys) get someone who can confidently handle any situation, provide all the TLC their pets need, and provide them the sure knowledge they won't come home to find their house rented out to a lovely family from Norway, and their pets and furniture sold in a wildly successful pop-up yard sale.

I recently wrapped up a six month, cross-country road trip, and am now back home in Tacoma. It's good to be back, but I had the most amazing time on this trip! I've especially enjoyed experiencing cities and neighborhoods I never would have, otherwise, thanks to expanding my pet/house sitting circle. And it's due in no small part to the interesting people (and their awesome pets) that I've met since I started using this website. In fact, I've loved it so much, I've decided I don't really want to stop, yet. So, I'm going to keep taking the occasional pet/house sit in the Washington/Oregon area, for now. I've lived in the Pacific Northwest for ten years, but there is so much I've yet to see and do, here. This should be a great way to change that.


Ok, some random, somewhat relevant details about me, so you can (hopefully) get a sense of what I'm like, in no particular order:

I have a great sense of humor, and really appreciate that in others.

I'm a pop culture freak (especially as regards books, art, tv & film), and a voracious reader. Really loving British television shows, right now...feel free to share your faves, as I love to find new ones!

I love the art of food, and the wonderful diversity of cuisine I get to experience while traveling, but I hate to cook...mainly because I'm terrible at it. So, as long as you have a microwave, fridge, and wifi (for ordering delivery and streaming Netflix), I'm good. As a bonus, that means you're much less likely to come home to a smoking pile of rubble, and a hastily scribbled apology note. Yay!

I will walk your dogs as often as you like, wherever you like. One of the things I hate about not having my own, is they're a great way to get my own exercise, and there is absolutely NO getting out of it. If your dog is like most dogs I've pet-sit, it's not putting up with any of my couch potato nonsense, which I LOVE!

I'm a non-smoker, and except for the occasional visit with certain relatives, a non-drinker, so you WILL come home to a house that smells the same as it did when you left, AND a fully intact liquor cabinet. IMPORTANT: I really don't do well with cigarette/cigar smoke, so I'm afraid I will have to decline if you are not a cig/cigar smoke-free home. I should clarify that while I'm not a pot smoker, myself, that kind of smoke doesn't seem to bother me. So...oddly...I can handle that smoke smell. In other words, seeing the bong you forgot to hide won't make me clutch my pearls in horror, and the slight aroma that sticks around in the homes of heavy pot smokers doesn't kill me. PLEASE don't feel the need to Febreze, Glade Plug-in, or otherwise deodorize....that actually will kill me. I'm the girl who can't walk down the laundry aisle at the grocery store, unfortunately. Instant headache.

Ok. That's all for now. I'll cheerfully answer any questions you have when we FaceTime, Zoom, or phone. I look forward to hearing from you! I promise, your pets will love me, and I can honestly say my human clients (in all my varied work endeavors) enjoy working with me. Largely because they know they can depend on me, I think. :-)

Reviews (15)
We were so fortunate to find Michelle on this website. It was our first time hiring a house/pet sitter that we didn't know personally but right from the start, Michelle felt like someone we had known for a long time. She is so determined to keep your house, garden, pool and pets on track in the way that you do yourself and it is so appreciated. Knowing that everything and everyone you love is being well taken care while you're away means the world and Michelle delivered. I wish she lived ... MORE
MELISSA ( Florida, Jun 2022 - 11 Days)
Melissa, thank you so much for taking the time to write such a sweet and thoughtful review! I really appreciate it, and more than that, I'm so glad you were happy with the experience. I think it'll go a long way towards putting people's minds at ease...I know inviting a stranger into one's home ... MORE
If you are lucky enough to be able to hire Michelle as your pet/housesitter you will not be sorry. Her importance to detail communication and love of your animals takes all the worry away. We couldn't have been more relaxed on our trip thanks to Michelle And our brood can be a challenge! She also went above and beyond washed sheets and remade our bed! Thanks Michelle hope to see you again!
JANICE ( Washington, Jun 2024 - 5 nights)
Thank you for the kind words! I had a great time, and would love to come back. Get in touch anytime! :-)
Michelle is a terrific find. She took great care of the house and our Loki. She is the best communicator we've had sit for us and asked plenty of questions and sent lots of photos and videos. She is not a gardener - she was clear about this when we booked her - but did her very best to help out getting our veg up and going and she maintained our worm farm like a pro. She drove us to and from the airport - an hour each way and even cooked a yummy shrimp and cheesy grits for us on the night we ... MORE
RHEA (Salem Oregon, Apr 2024 - 1 month 1 week)
Thank you so much! I would be thrilled to come do it, again, anytime. And next time, I’ll try to be more confident about the whole “weed/not a weed” thing, and maybe you’ll turn me into a gardener, yet, lol! Kiss Loki for me!
We loved hosting! Michelle, for this 2 week stay. She was incredibly communicative from the time of our engagement all the way through the sit and after. She was very responsible with our property, even navigating a basement flood. Our two dogs adored her, and she kept them entertained and well-fed the whole time. Creative, intelligent, and a master with the phone camera. We give Michelle our highest endorsement.
SUSAN (Bainbridge Island Washington, Nov 2023 - 2 weeks 1 night)
Awww! Thank you for such a ringing endorsement! I had the best time (despite the basement, which you definitely have the harder part of, now, with the cleanup…I feel for ya)! Call me, anytime, and give D&D hugs for me. :-)
We have nothing but good things to say about Michelle! She kept in contact the whole time we were away and provided many photo updates of our animals. House was in the same or better condition than we left it. Michelle even walked our dogs and brushed our cat! She administered medications and special food as needed.
RICHARD (Tacoma Washington, Nov 2023 - 1 week)
Thanks, you guys! Give the gang good scritches for me. :-)
We were so fortunate to have found Michelle! She took such great care of our kitties and house. I appreciated Michelle's dedication and communication before and during the sit. I received an update every day, which made all my worries go away and I was able to enjoy my vacation. The kitties looked happy and healthy. The house was clean and tidy when we returned. We would be lucky to have Michelle sit for us again! :)
NATALIE ( Washington, Sep 2023 - 1 week 3 nights)
Thanks so much, Natalie! I’m happy to come back, any time. I miss those furry cuties, already. Such good kitties! Btw, the chocolate was yummy, thanks again! :-D
Michelle was great! She's amazing at communicating. She sent me pictures every day of my pets and garden. She was very affectionate to my fur babies, and a fantastic house guest. She left my home clean, and my garden thriving, and my pets happy! She was perfect, and affordable. I hope to have her back should we ever leave again. Thank you Michelle for everything!
JACKIE (Olympia Washington, Aug 2023 - 1 week 3 nights)
Thank you so much, Jackie! I had the best time with your furry (and feathery, and scaly) crew, and I’d love to come back whenever you need me. Call anytime! :-)
Michelle was such a fantastic pet and house sitter, I would hire her again in a heart beat. Super friendly and courteous, wonderful communication, and great attention to detail. She always kept me updated and her updates made me smile. Even though she hadn’t cared for sheep before she followed our instructions perfectly and went above and beyond. And our shy cat took to her right away which was such a nice bonus. And she left our house in tip top shape (way better than we left it, haha)!
PATRICIA (40609 SE 60TH ST Washington, Jun 2023 - 2 weeks 3 days)
Thank you so much, Patricia!!! I really did have the best time, and I would absolutely do it again. I miss your whole furry gang. Call me whenever you need me! :-)
I almost don’t know where to start! There definitely needs to be more than 5 stars for Michelle - she was just the best. I was a bit nervous to leave my two pups with a virtual stranger (even though I was very impressed after our first meeting). I have an older dog who has medical problems, and a younger dog who is very spoiled because I got him one week before Covid shut our country down, then retired during that year, so he was not used to being left too often. But, Michelle is a pro, and she ... MORE
CHERI ( Washington, May 2023 - 1 week 2 days)
Cheri, you absolute sweetheart, thank you so much!!! I had the best time with your darlings, Simon and Russell, and I would love to come back. Call me anytime! If I’m available, I’ll be there. :-)
Michelle was a wonderful sitter. She took great care of our two high-energy Siberian kitties (they require lots of play and love), and our house. She's easy to communicate, has a great sense of humor, and sent fun photos and videos to keep us up-to-date. I wouldn't hesitate to have her stay again (in fact, I already asked her!)
ANASTASIA ( Washington, Dec 2022 - 1 week 3 days)
Thank you! I had a great time, and I hope the timing works out on future sits with Luna & Astro. I will definitely be there! :-)
Michelle stayed in my house and took care of it for two and a half weeks. She did an excellent job - it was very clean when I came home. Michelle even gave me a ride to the airport early in the morning and picked me up when I came home. All through the house sit, Michelle was an excellent communicator, before her stay here, and during. She would text copies of my mail to me, and send me updates on the neighborhood (her exploring new places.) Michelle definitely took the stress of worrying ... MORE
SUSAN ( Oregon, Nov 2022 - 2 weeks 5 days)
Thank you, Sue! It was absolutely my pleasure to meet you, and to watch over your beautiful home. I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Call me anytime. :-)
Michelle was great! She took great care of our 3 golden retrievers. She gave them lots of exercise and love. She also took great care of our house. We can home to a clean house after a 2-week vacation. Michelle was great at sending us updates every couple days so we knew that all was well at home which allowed us to relax on our vacation, which is priceless. She communicated with us well. We would recommend Michelle in a heartbeat!
TRACY ( Washington, Nov 2022 - 2 weeks)
Thank you, Tracy & Eric! I appreciate your generosity, and the fun and peaceful time in your beautiful home, with your sweet dogs. Call me any time!
Michael was an amazing sitter. She gave me regular updates with lots of pictures. She was very respectful of my house and property and left it clean and tidy. She was easily accessible at all times for me. Blackie and she really bonded. She says she would like to sit again which is wonderful. I would recommend her for anyone with a pet.
NANCY ( Oregon, Oct 2022 - 2 weeks)
Thank you so much, Nancy! I really did fall in love with Blackie, and I appreciate your hospitality. It was a wonderful stay! With any luck, I'll be back in June. :-)
Excellent Pet and house sitter, Michelle communicated with us during the hurricane and keep us informed about all the happenings. I would definitely recommend her and would love to have her pet sit for us anytime.
MARCEL ( Florida, Sep 2022 - 2 weeks 1 day)
Thank you for the kind words, and for going above and beyond with the mail forwarding, Marcel! It was an absolute pleasure to stay in your beautiful home, and to take care of Ritz. If I'm ever back in Florida, I would love to do it again. :-)
Michelle did a great job taking are of my cat Willie. She sent photos while I was traveling, and I came home to a very clean home!
ANITA ( Mississippi, Jul 2022 - 3 weeks)
Thank you for the kind review! It was a pleasure hanging out with Willie in your lovely and comfortable home. He is such a cool cat, and you are a great and thoughtful host. I really appreciated your generous hospitality. I would definitely pet-sit for you guys any time.
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