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I want to house and pet sit because it's such an honor and a privilege to care for someone's most prized possessions and to be there caring while they are unavailable. It already works so well with my lifestyle of traveling and healthy selfcare. I believe it's sooo important to serve others as much as I can especially now in this stage of my life, I am single and willing and able to serve other in the way of sitting. It's mutualistic symbiosis. I want to give because first, I was given to at many points in my life. I feel loved by pets, their personalities and their attention, they are another facet of beauty in this wonderful life we get to live. I think life is too short to not do what I love, be kind, and grateful. Serving is a huge part of my fulfilling life I used to volunteer to feed and pray for the homeless in downtown Atlanta, translated English to Spanish at church and the local co-op in Norcoss.

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Resourcefully nurturing while you are away

29, Writer

Hello there!!

I wanted to start by thanking you for taking the time to read this and consider me as a sitter! I have no refences(yet) because this is my first time seeking employment as a sitter.

I'm Soraya, I love pets and being with them and caring for them, I feel like it's such an inspiring experience to care for pets. Unfortunately for me I love traveling more and hate to think of leaving my pet when I travel as often as I do. Then I was introduced to housesitting where I get both. So my inconvenience is your benefit. At this stage in life traveling is paramount before I pursue stability. I can enjoy the freedom of being mobile and personal lack of responsibility (no kids, no husband, no house, no bills) traveling around the world sitting full time. I used to be an accountant when I didn't think it was possible to pursue my dream of fulltime nomadic travel. I loved it because there was so much order, clarity, numbers make perfect sense once you have the entire story.

I was born and raised in Atlanta. I owned my first home there and sold it in May. I am passionate about life, it's short, so I try to make the most of every experience, opportunity. I love that we have choices to look at the negative or look at the positive. So I try to be grateful and appreciative and focus, magnify the positive. I love to encourage myself and others. I cry thinking about how blessed I am after surviving all of life's blows up until now. I'm blessed to even have the opportunity to type up this introduction. I believe I am here to serve others with my time, gifts, and wisdom gained in my short 29 years of life.

I am responsible, reliable, great communicator (writing/communicating is natural to me) , intentional, and organized. I love to exercise, eat healthy and take good care of myself and my belongings, it can get tedious at times, it gives me the power to do the same for your home, pets, plants, etc. I am resourceful, if I don't know how to do something, I will find out. I am single with no responsibilities so this opens me up to helping out with your property with utmost care while you are traveling.

When I sold my condo to travel, I thought it would be easy to be rid of my things.......... that was not the case. I ended up putting it in storage. So I understand the sacred thing that is someone's home, I understand that joy you feel when you get back home from a trip. I plan to use this mentality to your benefit, respect your home and how you personally like things done. I understand the boundaries of respecting other's belongings because I know how I'd like my things to be treated, I'm all about the golden rule.

I'm grateful, it's such a privilege to live in the US and enjoy everything that we take for granted and forget that we are not entitled to. It humbles me to think that I could have been born anywhere in the world and had a different life. So I'm grateful that it was Atlanta, Georgia.

I love to journal, and invest self development: I want all the feedback. I think it's so important to grow and become my best self to honor my Creator. I'm always learning how to do life better. I'm reading books and learning how to take better responsibility for myself, my feelings, emotions, actions and live content with what I have.

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