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Need a Get-a-Way? Retired Couple you can Trust

53, Retired

55, Retired

Hi. My name is Daniel and I, along with my partner Jody, are both avid travelers and consider ourselves somewhat nomadic. Living 6 months on the sea can do that to you!

About Us:
We are a fit, active, non-smoking and responsible English-speaking couple who have been house and pet sitting for many years. We are also former homeowners (and boatowners) experienced in all the pleasures, trials and tribulations that pet and ownership brings. We know from personal experience that having capable and caring sitters makes leaving home and pet(s) a lot easier.

As for pets, over the years, we have had dogs, cats, hamsters, iguanas, snakes and have loved them all (even snakes need a little love). Currently, we have a small, beautiful Bombay cat named Captain Jack. He loves travelling just as much as we do.

We are down to earth, practical, adaptable and culturally savvy as we have visited over 50 countries so far and have either visited or lived in North America, South America, Central America, Australia and Africa. For the past seven years we have lived aboard a sailboat travelling up and down the Caribbean visiting almost each and every island from Bahamas down to Grenada. Ever hear of Saba? One of our most exciting visits!

Our Experience:
Daniel's twelve years in the dental industry as a business owner has given him the ability to anticipate and solve problems before they happen. He also has the ability to keep calm and cool in all situations. He grew up in West Michigan moving to the Pacific Northwest and then to the Caribbean where he met Jody. As for pets he has owned the larger breed of dog (Rottweiler, Great Dane) and has extensive training both in Obedience and Protection.

Jody’s twenty years as a nurse has given her the ability to problem solve most medical-related problems. Over the years she helped in medical care for family members, kids, grandkids - even the family’s cats, dogs, ferrets, and snakes. Her extensive medical background could provide emergent medical care for your pet – hopefully though, not needed! Her caring personality shines through with every person or pet we meet and they readily accept her. She grew up in the heart of Indiana and is a typical country-loving girl who seeks wide-open spaces and the outdoors for hiking, camping and sitting around a roaring campfire cooking dinner.

We are full-time and financially secure travelers, not tourists dashing from site to site. We prefer ‘slow travel’ allowing us to savor new places; the food, the culture, cuisines and local markets. We are essentially homebodies (who love to travel), preferring to stay home in the evenings, cook our own meals and snuggle up with a movie, a book and a furry friend. We have owned a sailboat for the past eight years and have lived-aboard most of that time sailing over 13,000 nautical miles either in the Atlantic, Pacific, Gulf of Mexico or the Caribbean Sea. Slow travel (sailing) is in our blood.

Why Us?

We are:
* Comfortable with running and maintaining a variety of properties from high-end luxury homes to rustic, out-of-the-way cabins relying on solar power and rain water.
* Experienced with all types of cats and dogs as well as other small animals. We also love farm animals but would need detailed instructions on their daily care.
* Adaptable to different lifestyles, cultures and environments.

We love all animals and they respond well to us. With us looking after your pets, you can:
* Leave home guilt free, knowing they will be lavished with the love and attention they deserve.
* Feel confident that your pet is in the competent hands of sitters with pet first-aid training.
* Come back to a happy, healthy pet who is relaxed, yet excited to see you.

With our experience and expertise, you can:
* Be assured that we respect and understand the investment you have in your home while caring for it as we would our own.
* Sleep soundly knowing that competent sitters are protecting your home and property.
* Experience the joy of coming back to a warm and welcoming clean home.

* Ask us about Testimonials from various Homeowners that have reviewed us online.
* Ask us about Reviews from various References in multiple countries that have reviewed us online
* Check out our Facebook page - s/v Champagne Moment regarding our life at sea
* We both have been vetted via criminal background check with our local Sheriff's office including fingerprints on record.
* We both have been vetted via criminal background check with the United States Customs & Border Protection Agency.
* We both have active driver’s license and United States Passports.

With our years of experience, our problem solving capabilities, complimentary skill sets and temperaments we make an awesome housesitting team. With us in charge you can travel stress-free knowing your home and loved ones are in the right hands.

Garden Maintenance

Green garden!

Make sure the garden & the potted plants are thriving when you return home. A house sitter will do this for you.

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