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Margo & Robert Szabo

74, Librarian for association/soon to be retired

73, Facilities manager in KU library/soon retired

Robert and I retired Dec 31, 2014. We started house setting full time in 2015. We have completed our fifth year of house sitting and only spent 45 days in Kansas in 2019. 15 sits in 2019!
Then Covid-19 happened and so we spent 2020 and 2021 in Kansas doing much needed updates on our 25 year old home. We included many updates we learned about during our housesitting years, magnetic knife holder from Renton, fabulous glasses from the Heights in Houston, beautiful hardwood floors and granite counter tops from everywhere and many more little touches which remind us daily of our housesits.
We have met so many wonderful people that we now consider to be friends during our five years of house sitting. We have a photo album brimming with pet pictures and we have many warm memories of long walks, car rides and the crazy antics of cats. Our one fish, Flash, was special also and the 3 chickens we watched proved to be very entertaining though not productive, darn! We are excited to see what 2o22 has in store for us. We were both librarians. We loved our jobs but wanted to travel for a few years! 5 years of travel, 2 year at home, covid shots under our belts and we are ready to think of traveling again in 2022.

We have daughters who live in Houston and Seattle so are very interested in those cities and the surrounding areas.

Robert and I love animals. We will treat your pet as though they were our own. We have had two darling dogs and a very special cat as well as guinea pigs, hampsters, parquets, goldfish and Tweet and Cluck the chickens.

We are gardeners so are happy to water house plants or outdoor plants or gardens. We will give your plants tender loving care. I have been known to enjoying weeding, so I can help out in that area also.

We like to visit historical sites, museums, farmers markets and national parks. We enjoy the theatre and movies. We love cooking and reading and a new game, Bananagrams!

Please call or whatsapp with us if you would like to get to know us better.

References for Robert and Margo Campbell Szabo:

Ann and Pat - Houston, TX - A retired seeing eye dog and three cats who eventually became quite friendly, treats are the great equalizer! Great walks on the bayou with Pi and yoga on the rug with all three cats for company!

Sandy and Steve - Houston, TX - it was easy to give Lola what Lola wanted; walks, rubs, treats and more rubs! Lola was so well behaved I think she improved us!

Camille and Tom - Houston, TX - Buddy was most appropriately named, he was a fabulous walking Buddy, 10,000 steps with no trouble! He liked to be with you and proved that it is possible for 2 humans and a doodle to share a queen bed.

Raynell and Nigel - Sommerville, MA - Harvey, yep short for Haaavard, and I spent many hours meandering around town. Harvey is an older guy who takes it slow and easy until you turn back toward home and then he picks up the pace, a bit.

Marcy and Tom - Sandia Park, NM - Buddy the cat was very vocal and quite able to let you know what he needed. We were told he preferred women, but Robert won him over when he read on the couch and Buddy found his chest to be quite comfortable. Buddy's purr said it all.

Helen and Chris - Alameda, CA - Fun with a dog and cats, life doesn't get much better than that. It was like the old days. Holly, doodle mix loved walking and Mr. Mouse and Chicken (cats) were indoor/outdoor cats who enjoyed a good tummy rubs but were also quite independent.

Christine and Tyler - Greenwood, WA - An amazing cat name Hobiecat, who loved to play fetch with a paper clip and when he was tired of the game, he dropped the clip into his water bowl. Three beautiful chickens and two gold fish rounded out our our animal friend family. The chickens were fun to watch stroll around their enclosure and the fish were quite willing to let you know they needed food!

Cheryl - Northgate area, Seattle, WA - Callie is a one woman pup, but she allowed us to feed her, walk her, and enjoy petting her and so we had a enjoyable time with her and were delighted to see the very happy puppy she became when Cheryl returned.

Mary and Dennis - Fremont, WA - Jasper and Sophie were two very different kitties. Jasper loved spending time with Robert on the sofa and Sophie was slow to warm to company, but did finally come into the kitchen for snacks. We understood that she needed time and space; cats have very special individual personalities.

Susanne and Mark - Renton, WA - Toby is a very good dog!! He keeps track of what is happening in the front yard and the squirrels in the back yard enjoys daily games of dog vs. squirrel. We know who wins, but Toby is always ready to give it another try.

Lois and Wally Pereira - Beaverton, OR - Amber was the sweetest little gal who loved walks and could certainly deal with the hills in the neighborhood. After a couple of weeks, I could keep up with her and my panting had come into a normal range!!

Derick and Nancy Lowery - Upton, MA - Bucky and Petie were our two kitty friends for the summer of 2017. We spend 2 months in Upton which included working at a local Community Garden every Sunday morning and returning home with amazing organic veggies. Bucky and Petie were not very impressed with the veggies, but were delight that we were too exhausted to move so were captive laps for the rest of the day.

Natalie and David Dreyfus - Metuchen, NJ - Anna the Vizsla and I did many laps from the house down the greenway and back. She walk with the beautiful high step of a Clydesdale. So fun to follow her and watch her romp at the dog park. She was a master at moving her bed so she was near you, and great company!

Linda and Jerry Zindler - Jamaica Plain, MA - Beezie the Beagle and I walked around the pond so many times, the geese considered us members of their family. Beezie loved her walks and was a wonderful companion the rest of the time.

Bertie Campbell - New Orleans, LA - pup named JJ who is a full of life pup and also our doggie nephew! So happy to have taken daily walks along the river with him and to have had an eager participant in my experiment making dog treats. Recipe available upon request!!

Brenda and Matt Griffis - Starke, FL with 3 dogs, 3 cats and 3 fenced acres, a little piece of paradise with pets who kept us busy watching their antics while they chased birds, stalked squirrels and enjoyed the passage of time watching the egrets with us at Egrets Cove.

Jen and Bill Wellman - 2 visits in Arlington, VA with Katy, Nelson and Jazzy. Katy loved walking and the cats were forever keeping us on our toes because Nelson liked to try and sneak out.

Susan and Rick Ashcroft - 11 days in Houston with 4 amazingly fun pups with unique personalities who loved long walks and resting on the sofas!

Bridget and Eldon Tam - 2 weeks in Columbia City, Seattle feeding one Beta fish named Flash and watering wonderful front and back gardens daily.

Dana Feder - 2 weeks in Ranier Beech in Seattle. Two great Taiwanese Street dogs, Jeeves and Mai Mai and a very sweet cat, Olive.

Hilda Mendez - 3 weeks in San Francisco walking an Australian Shepard named Romeo. He loved the beach but not so much the bath at Pet World that followed beach visits.

Evelyn Baker - 10 days in Denver with Fozzy and the girls, yes two chickens!

Linda and Bill Parker - A six week stay in Portland, OR was wet but we learned to put on rain coats and boots and that two black cats are very fun to watch and talk to even if the don't like to cuddle.

Sunny Morris - We spent 2 weeks with Winni the sheepdog and learned that Winni loves car rides and that sheep dogs are really wonderful.

Deidra and Ivan Oss - We spent 3 weeks with their dogs and cat in Denver and enjoyed long walks, ball tossing and lounging on the front porch.

Christine Marlow - We spent 3 weeks with their 2 dogs and 2 cat in Ramah, New Mexico and loved our long walks/adventures on the mesas with the pups and of course we waited on the cats!

Jessie in Boston - We spent two weeks with her dog and cat and learned about dog parks, gourmet dog food stores and just how great a French bulldog in a bomber jacket looks!

Janet Riley - We were freshman year in college roommates in 1965, so she has known me longer than anyone except my sister and brother.

Diana Kern - Diana and I worked together for 16 years before I retired from GCSAA December 31, 2014.

Audrey Kamb-Studdard - Audrey lives 2 doors down from us. We have lived in our home for 26 years and Audrey moved in right after we did.

We live at 4825 West 26h Street in Lawrence, Kansas, 66047.

You can google earth us.

Please let me know if you need further information.

Margo and Robert

Reviews (3)
Margo&Robert are very nice and easy to talk to. We felt confident leaving the pets&house in their care. They sent updates every few days,kind to stay to 9PM with our plane late&left scones. Sadly,the rest was disappointing.-Rudy had dried feces in his fur. Unsure if walked since his cart was still folded & didn't look to have moved.-Kitchen&floors dirty with sticky residue/trash. Pots/pans with food stuck,dirty fridge & brown water in veggie drawer, missing glass Tupperware&baking pan. Oddly, ... MORE
ERIC ( Washington, Sep 2022 - 2 weeks 1 day)
No rating Margo and Robert pet/housesat for us the week of Thanksgiving. What a treat to have such wonderful people in our home. More importantly, we were able to go out of the country with total peace of mind that our furry family members and our home was safe in their capable hands. Upon our return not only did we find our pets content but Margo had cooked us a very nice meal, which was excellent and she shared her recipe! We would welcome Margo and Robert back anytime to pet/housesit or just ... MORE
MATT AND BRENDA ( Florida, Nov 2016 - 1 week 1 day)
No rating Margo and Robert put our minds completely at ease from the very beginning of the process to the very end. From the questions they asked, and responses they gave to ours, we understood from the initial conversation that they were experienced, very caring, and thoughtful. They proved to be all those things and more from the moment we left the house, to when we returned. Their communication was terrific (handling a water heater emergency while we were away with just the right balance of ... MORE
HILDA ( California, Jul 2016 - 6 days)
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