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As a professional home caretaker traveling around the world bring security to most often the highest investment of your portfolio you can rest assured your home is well cared for as my profile reflects with global references. There is an old saying, you get what you pay for and paying for a professional home caretaker is worth every dollar. I do not have to tell you a home ages far quicker when it sits empty that if I am in it.

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I do what I do so you can do what you do, Travel

63, Real Estate

~ I do what I do so you can do what you do, Travel ~

Thank you for reading my profile.

As a Professional World-Vetted Home/Pet Caretaker
read my profile, ask me questions! Lets get started!


My name is Archer, (yep, it's my last name). I have traveled Around-the-World Home-Sitting for my fellow traveler friends. Just like you I'm a traveler. My home base is Hawai'i commonly known as the Big Island.

In this journey I have volunteered/contributed to the following intentional communities (all of which are great references) seeking the answer to one question - what is the thread in the fabric of life that connects us all? Water.

Kalani Oceanside Retreat - Hawaii, USA
Northumberland Heights - Ontario, Canada
Himalayan Institute - Honesdale, Pennsylvania, USA
Findhorn Foundation - Forres, Scotland, United Kingdom
Osho Leela - Gillingham, England, United Kingdom
Torri-Superiore, Torri, Italy
Damanhur, Italy
Rochelle Yoga, Zakynthos, Greece
Exhale Yoga, Pai, Thailand
Blue Star, Trinidad

In the autumn of my life my contribution is
Empowerment through Clean Water Education.
Check out the website at

Interview with Marilyn Ball on her show "Speaking of Travel" at WWNC in North Carolina. Contact me for details. Enjoy!

Trustworthy, authentic and creative are attributes for a successful home-caretaker! I'm kind of choosy, so if you received my information, I would like to interview for your assignment.

As a former Residential Appraiser, Real Estate sales person, and general contractor for residential homes, I have proficiency and competence in general maintenance should it be needed.

Cultivating yoga/meditation, gardens & interior painting, deep clean and freshen up, write, photography, and care for family pets and plants.

Why Home Sit?
It is my way of paying it forward ~ giving back. It allows me the opportunity to explore new locations, people, customs, food.
And, just like you I love to travel!

Relevant Experience:
What I Bring

Having traveled solo around the world as a professional home/pet caretaker and volunteer, I bring the awe of wonder, integrity and initiative; I am ambitious and resourceful.

Optimism & gratitude has allowed me choose my own adventure by being bold enough to use my voice, brave enough to listen to my heart and strong enough to live the life I've always imagined, traveling the world.

Strong history of volunteering time to environmental causes in the National Forest Service, National Wildlife Refuge and several other systems.

This could be a GREAT OPPORTUNITY for both of us! Nothing is by chance. Everything is Divinely planned with the seeds we plant, I'm planting this seed.

What are your expectations? Ask me questions, let's get started!

After all, I do what I do so you can do what you do, Travel.

Archer ~
An Ordinary Girl on an
Extraordinary Journey

Here are what previous home owners have said about me through The Caretakers Gazette, Luxury Home Sitting and sites.

Julie Mai
Kalapana Seaview,
Pahoa, HI

I am writing this letter to any of those who may be considering hiring Archer & Todd as a caretakers. Archer has worked for me on several occasions over the years, in my winter home in Hawaii. She is a reliable, self starter. Excellent at problem solving and cleaning . Completely professional. She has an excellent work ethic like very few, and great follow through. She is respectful of my home and even takes time for finishing touches, like flowers and notes. She understands what it means to maintain a home in the tropics, which is on a whole other level than anywhere else, and she delivers. Archer is quiet and respectful and have a great presence and leave a great energy in my home. She is great at communicating if need be, but one can rest assured that if you don't hear from her, all is in good order. I would trust her with pets, if I had them. High standards and high values. My home has always been as good, and usually better, than when I left it.
One would be blessed to have her, they don't get any better. Please don't hesitate to contact me should you want any details.



Pahoa, Big Island Hawaii

Dear Archer,
I've been remiss in not thanking you for the wonderful job you did house sitting for us.
It is very comforting to know that when we are away, especially for extended periods that the house is secure and being taken care of. Even with relatively new construction, things can happen and it is very nice to know you've got it all covered.
The cherry on top, is finding the house in better (and cleaner) condition than we left it.
Using a professional house sitter certainly is better than just asking a neighbor to keep an eye on things.


Bob and Paula
Pu'u Lani Ranch
Aula - Hawaii

Archer & Todd took care of our house on the Big Island for us when we went to the mainland. We were gone almost a month. They took care of our two pugs (who miss them) and all of the plants and fruit trees. When we came home the house was clean, the linens changed and everything was as we left it or better. Archer continues to amaze with her organizing skills. Thank you for taking care of our home and our 'bubbys'. And please come again. I trust Archer and would recommend her anytime as a consummate 'House Sitter'.

Thanks again.


McGrew and Jennifer
Alii Heights
Kailua Kona, Hawaii
(Coming Soon)


Bob & Paula
Pu'u Lani Ranch

Archer is so good I want to keep her a secret but I can't. I just want to be able to have her house sit for us when ever we have to leave. This was our first experience and it was such a relief to return home to a clean house, happy dogs and well kept plants. She did little surprising things as well, organizing, all of them were an improvement. Thank you Archer for being you.


Kalapana Seaview Estates
Pahoa, Hawaii

Archer drove from Connecticut to Los Angles and shipped over a Jeep and Tear Drop to home sit my Hawaiian hale for two years!

Living off the Red Road in the District of Puna is living remote! Todd & Archer stayed through a hurricane, heavy storms, and when the lava flow threatening to cut off the area to even more remoteness AND when The National Guard was called in to control order I felt confident my home was protected.

Archer sent me an update the first year every two weeks and the second year once a month including photos of projects completed and projects in the works.

Rain water catchment care, three lots growing food and foliage, moving more than twelve tons of mulch in two years! Organized my tools with shelving they purchased. The eve troughs, windows, roof was keep very clean throughout all the weather. When I returned once a year for a month visit the inside was kept perfect!

If you a need long term property care taker, Archer is the best!


Helga and Jim
Alii Heights
Kailua Kona, Hawaii

Once again Archer raises the bar! On a four week assignment we realized we needed another week on the mainland. Archer arranged her schedule to accommodate making our time away worry free!


Kaneohe, Oahu, Hawaii

I came home to my clean home, even my furnture was vacumed, windows washed inside and outside and had fresh bedding. Archer even made me a salad she left in the fridge and my kitchen was spotless. I have to mention that when she cleaned my kitchen sink faucet with bleach it took some finish off the handle. She did offer to replace the whole component however it was minimal and I wouldnt let her.

While Archer was here she walked my dogs each am and pm, dead headed my court yard garden, purchased and planted my favorite color: blue, flowers in my empty planters and purchased a beautiful butterfly garden ornament.

Archer had the use of my new car (less than 10k miles) which she dropped me at the airport and picked me up. The car was cleane inside and out and had a full tank of gas.

If she is available schedule her to care for your home, you'll be glad you did!


Philip & Diane
Honomu, Hawaii

My husband and I were very cautious about having a stranger stay in our home. After a disaster with a previous housesitter recommended by a friend, we were even more cautious, but we had to have a house sitter.

Archer's reviews looked wonderful and her references checked out perfectly. We were even able to meet her on a couple of occasions. We could tell she'd had quite a lot of experience in caring for homes and pets and arranged to have her housesit for us.

We couldn't be more pleased when we returned to our home. The house was well cared for with some nice additional touches. I'm still wondering how she got certain areas so clean! Our garden was weeded and our dog was a lot calmer then before we left. Now we can't imagine anyone but Archer staying in our home.


Helga & Jim
Alii Heights
Kailua Kona, Hawaii

When I arrived home I found Archer had trimmed and pruned my gardens and they are looking fabulous! She cleaned all the mold from my lanai furniture and purchased three new pillows and flowers to fill pots.

My dogs were happy and meds were given. When she ran out of some medical supplies she called the vet and pick them up!
My house was shining and clean.
Archer is the one I will call whenever I need a home-pet sitter!


Lyons, Colorado

Archer comes like a breath of fresh air again homesitting and caring for our dog Joey. Weeds the gardens, mows the lawn and washed my windows inside and out! When planning my holidays I first seek Archer's availability!


Brian & Niki
Woodland Michigan

Again, Archer raises the bar of homesitting in taking care of our home, horses and dog! She's the best!


Keeper of the Log Cabin Library
Willington, CT

Whenever we traveled I would worry about my home and my cats, so I decided to find a house sitter. Enter Archer. Wow! What a wonderful sitter she was. She cared for my two cats, one an indoor cat and the other an indoor cat with daytime outdoor privileges. We had just acquired the 2nd cat so we were not sure how they would get along. Archer dealt with their hissy fits and they did just fine.

My raspberries were just coming ripe and Archer picked 62 cups and froze them for me. I was so grateful to have them and not to have lost the whole crop.

Archer left my home in wonderful condition. Coming home to a vacuumed carpet instead of the cat hair that would generally be there was a real treat.

My experience with Archer taking care of my home has encouraged me to seek sitters for other trips. I know, however, that few of them will be her match.

She was awesome and is welcome back to my home anytime, either as a caretaker or as a friend. Happy travels, Archer!


Glastonbury, CT

Archer was a pleasure to have house sit. She became more than a house sitter. She became a friend. She took wonderful care of our elderly dog and my daughter's guinea pig. The dog can be a handful and Archer handled her with care and the utmost patience. She watered the gardens outside and brought in the mail. The house was left just as clean as it was when she arrived. The place was vacuumed and the kitchen cleaned. The towels and bedding were also washed and replaced. I had no worries while on vacation because I knew my home was in good hands. I would whole heartedly recommend Archer to anyone and would love to have her back again.


Larry & Kathy
Little Rock, Arkansas

Archer recently cared for our home and pets while we vacationed. I never worried about anything while we were gone. One of our cats got a scratch on her face and Archer took her to the vet and got her some medication. We also have a frail, elderly cat that requires daily medication. She was well cared for by Archer. When we returned home we found a clean house-even the fridge was clean. The sheets on our bed were changed and fresh flowers from the yard were in the rooms . She did a lot of extra things such as repaired the kitchen cabinet doors, washed the windows, watered and dead headed my rose garden, watered the new sod in the front yard just to name a few of the "above and beyond" typical home care takers do. She made our return home pleasant and stress free.
Thank you Archer for a professional job!


Pocono Mountains, Northeast Pennsylvania
(six months)

I have used several different house sitters in the past, and Archer is by far the best! She cared for my two aged cats, giving medications; interventions and pills along with and love daily. She stayed in communication with me while I was away for six months sending photos and updates.

She sent photos not only of the cats, but also of her house improvements, which she made with my permission and encouragement. Those included but by no means limited to: Removing shelving and painting two rooms and replaced the shelving. Removed old cracked caulking in master bathroom and kitchen replacing with new caulking looking professional! Washed all windows inside and out. Washed all curtains and window screens! Fixed a damaged kitchen drawer that was driving me crazy. Fixed a plumbing leak in master shower by removing old caulk and replaced with new caulk. Planted a vegetable garden of cherry and beef steak tomatoes, hot peppers, green and yellow peppers, brussels sprouts, yellow, wax and green beans on a creative trellis she created, along with several beautiful flowering pots! I am sure I missed other repairs as I am still finding the improvements Archer completed.

I returned to find two healthy pets and a much improved house! I highly recommend Archer for your house and pet sitting needs.


Jamie, Bangkok
I have had the pleasure of having Archer stay in my house in Bangkok. As a guest, she is a pleasant joy to have around. She is very clean and helped me around the house, all with a smile on her face. As a friend and person, Archer is a trust worthy fun woman who has an intelligent mind and a great sense of humor to go along with it.


Ahimsaka Edme Satya, Hawaii
"archer" (or archy) is a great spirit, having the balance between "knowing how to have fun, enjoying life fully, and with that in full respect to her environment" She is a very good friend, and even on a distance she will sometimes out of the blue appear with a message just to check in. She is mindful, social, and energized. Never tired to give that little extra to help someone else. To make it short; if I would have Archer staying in my house....I would love to be there too, as she makes a great companion.


Tess, England
I have know Archer for 4 years. she is a delightful woman and has fine integrity. she will honour where she is living. she is practical and hardworking and i am happy to recommend her for house sitting.


Martin, Switzerland
Archer was in winter for two month our house sitter during we was on Big Island, Hawaii. She was responsible for the large house (restaurant) with eleven rooms. She had to look to our plants, the friges and the heating system during a cold wintertime with a lot of snow. When we came back from our vacation we found a very clean house, everything was okay! We would take Miss Archer every time as our house sitter. Miss Archer is a good house sitter!!! Sorry for my English!


Nancy, Michigan, USA
Reliable, honest, punctual, meaningful , productive , forth coming willing to do more , responsible, clean, a women of her words.


Erin, Colorado, USA
Archer has been my home and pet care professional on multiple occasions in the last seven years. I check her availability before planning my holiday dates! Where in the world could she be? She has traveled around the world volunteering, paying it forward, giving back and of course home and pet sitting. Archer is trustworthy, dependable, and mechanically inclined. Each occasion I return home I am pleasantly surprise by her personal touches. She has deep cleaned, painted, raked leaves, mowed my lawn, planted flowers, weeded my garden, fetched my mail, just to name a few of the ways she raises the bar of professionalism in the home/pet care industry. I would highly recommend Archer without hesitation! She's the best there is!


Meena, Ontario, Canada
Prefers to be called Archer. She is one of the best persons who came into my life for a short period of time (3 months) but became a friend for life. Her extraordinary passion for travel and experiencing different cultures is very inspiring. She is totally responsible and trustworthy. In my home, she is welcome anytime.


Margee & Fernando, New Mexico, USA
Of course you were a God send at just the perfect time. I suddenly needed a house sitter/ pet caretaker and you were there! It was a great relief and I knew my house was secure and upon return; it was nice to come home to a clean and well taken care of house.


Niki, Michigan, USA
I have known Archer for approximately 18 years. She has a true passion for experiencing new things in life. She has traveled around the world and has done some house sitting in several places in and out of the country. She is very responsible when it comes to taking care of others and their property.


Michael, Hawaii, USA
Archer is a person who amazes me with her compassion, knowledge, and ability to make things happen. She is conscientious and recognizes when things need to be done, fixed, or reworked to make things more efficient and effective. I have trusted her with my most personal belongings (my thoughts) and would trust her wholeheartedly with any material possessions. I could not recommend Archer enough as a professional house sitter, confidante, pet caregiver, and keeper of your most precious belongings, my thoughts.


Martha, Vancouver, Canada
I have been a neighbour to, and a travelling companion with, Archer. Besides being tons of fun, I found her to be clean, tidy, well organized, thoughtful, and resourceful. I would entrust anything of mine to her capable care with full confidence that she would look after it as though it were her own. She is a delight!


Venetia, United Kingdom
I have known Archer for some time and worked with her as well. She is a very trustworthy and creative individual who thinks outside the box and has the courage to travel alone and be open to new and exciting adventures. You will find her very entertaining and a responsible, caring and mature woman who puts herself fully into the task at hand and who will take care of your home like it is her own.


Rochelle, Greece
Archer, a friend for some years now is a very reliable person. She has taken care of my home on occasions and there were no problems. She is honest, trustworthy and very neat and tidy. I would recommend her as a trusted home sitter.


Chris, Ireland
Archer is a great friend and wonderful house sitter. I would recommend her with no hesitation.


Davion, New York City, New York, USA
I know Archer to be an extraordinary, responsible, open, honest and trustworthy person. I would trust Archer with ANY aspect of my life, both personal and professional.


Will, Big Island Hawaii, USA
Archer borrowed my car for several months while on island here in Hawaii. She treated with more respect and integrity than I do - and returned it cleaner than when I gave it to her. She is impeccable in her care and tending of things, so I highly recommend her for housesitting. She's the best - you'd be lucky to have her housesit.
Just to name a few references.

I do what I do so you can do what you do, Travel!

Reviews (2)
Archer was amazing! This was our first time using a house and pet sitter and Archer far exceeded all our expectations. We left for 6 weeks and Archer cared for our 2 year old dog and mature cat. She sent us a text and pictures every Friday, per our request (she would have sent more more or less), to show care for the pets, garden and house. Our pets were happy and the garden was thriving. Upon our return, our house was immaculate. Archer had cleaned everything and prepared a wonderful dinner ... MORE
LINNIE ( Colorado, Jun 2022 - 1 month 1 week)
No rating Archer is so good I want to keep her a secret but I can't. I just want to be able to have her house sit for us when ever we have to leave. This was our first experience and it was such a relief to return home to a clean house, happy dogs and well kept plants. She did little surprising things as well, organizing, all of them were an improvement. Thank you Archer for being you.
PAULA ( Hawaii, Aug 2016 - 1 week)
Garden Maintenance

Green garden!

Make sure the garden & the potted plants are thriving when you return home. A house sitter will do this for you.

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