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Dog Sitting in Seattle

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Seattle Dog Sitters on the original Dog Sitting site

There are more dogs in Seattle than there are children. And there are more cats here than dogs. This is one pet-friendly city!

And when these householders go on holiday, they need someone to look after their pets and—a dog sitter in Seattle is the very best option for the well-being of your pooch—and for the householders' peace of mind.

Dog sitting is usually far better for the dogs than pet boarding, as any Vet will tell you.

Better for your dogs

Dog sitting means that the sitter is living in your home while you're away. This allows your beloved pooch to stay in their own familiar environment, with human company and love—making it the very best option for your dog's health and emotional well-being, in most cases.

Free for owners

It is 100% free for owners join and find dog sitters—and the sitters will either charge a competitive fee or even sit for free (in return for free accommodation). Oh, and they provide in-house security and garden maintenance at the same time.

The original Dog Sitting site

We've been doing dog sitting much longer than the new "pet" websites—most home owners get house sitters to look after their pets—which is simply pet sitting. Over more than a decade we have developed many layers of robust security and a surprisingly easy and rewarding user experience.

Finding Dog Sitters in Seattle

Discover trusted and loving dog sitters willing to look after your house, dogs and garden while you're away.

  • LOVING in-home care for your dogs
  • FREE & PAID dog sitting - your choice
  • FREE to join, free to place a Job Ad - for ever!
  • SECURE: In-house messaging & layers of security
  • LIVE CONTACT: Get updates, news and photos

House Sitters America is the original US dog sitting site, providing market leading security, support and service. Join now—for free—and enjoy real peace of mind while you’re away. Click here to find out HOW DOG SITTING WORKS.

Pet Sitting in Seattle - On the original US Pet Sitting site

Dog sitting jobs in Seattle

Seattle is where urban, edgy hipness meets breathtaking, natural splendor.

Wrapped around Puget Sound in the Pacific Northwest, the state of Washington’s largest city is home to tech icons like Amazon and Microsoft, and endless water, mountains and evergreen forests too.

It’s called the Emerald City for a reason: all that grows is brilliantly green, the result of an average of 152 rainy days a year. (Not that a little drizzle stops anyone from biking, rowing, hiking, running or walking!)

Seattle has a constant supply of dog sitting opportunities—jump in now and make it happen.

Still the best Seattle dog sitting site

With such high dog ownership, there is always a whole lot of sitting happening in this city—and House Sitters America is the best way to find the dog sitting jobs.

We are the original US dog-sitting site, providing a secure and practical service with award-winning support.

  • OVER A DECADE serving US dog sitters
  • EVEN MORE OWNERS who contact sitters directly i.e. no Ad
  • SECURE in-house messaging system
  • FREE OR PAID: It's your choice

House Sitters America is the original dog sitting community in the US. We've been around much longer than most of the new pet sites and our customer service is second to none—so this is the right place to jump in. Click here to find out HOW DOG SITTING WORKS.