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Dog walking tips for your next pet sitting adventure

Both dog owners and pet sitters understand that their canine friends need regular walking. How much is enough and what else do you need to know when walking someone else’s dog?


Top tips for house sitting communication

Building trust with homeowners is a skill that every house sitter needs to secure great house sitting jobs. The better the communication, the more chance of a successful house sit experience for everyone.


What's the best way to find the right sitter for you

House sitting works best when you find the right house sitter for your specific house and pet care needs. So how can you attract the right house sitter quickly and efficiently?


Good communication - the key to house sitting success

Good communication between house sitters and homeowners when organizing a house sit is definitely the key to house sitting success.


How much do house sitters get paid?

If you like the idea of scoring free vacation accommodation or switching up your career and exploring a bit of the world at the same time, you might consider getting a job as a house sitter.


The benefits of free house sitting vs paid house sitting

There are pros and cons to offering free vs. paid house sitting, so it’s worth considering what’s right for you.


How to care for cats when pet sitting

Whether you are a new sitter taking of cats for the first time, or an avid cat lover, you will know that cats are very different to care for than dogs. Here are some tips for caring for cats when pet sitting.

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Thank you House sitters America! I will renewing soon to begin my 4th year with your website and one of your affiliated websites Aussie House Sitters. My very first sit with you was 3 months in Santa Cruz California where I started writing my now published first novel. I have been all across the states meeting amazing people and pets. I am thankful and grateful to have found you and feel blessed with all the wonderful experiences I have had. Fred

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